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A marshal kills a outlaw who could be a dead ringer for Deputy Sheriff Lofty Craig) if the lawman grew a moustache. Lofty agrees to travel to the Sonoma County Fair and pose as the slain gunman to draw out the rest of the counterfeit ring, but knowing if he's discovered, the gang will kill him as they did a sheriff who got too close to their operation.

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    • Author: Andronrad
    My first look at this show in 50 years was fun right off the bat. The opening of this show every week was one of the best and dramatic of all the westerns. Gail Davis as "Annie Oakley" was just terrific, too, an extremely likable, pretty woman who embodied the "good" in the good-vs.bad days of '50s TV westerns.

    If the first few lines of this episode were indicative of others (I can't remember) then this wasn't some sweet, little kids western. The obvious bad guy, noticing the marshal still trailing behind asked by his partner if he intends to do something about it, replies: "I never did see a tin star yet that would stop a rifle bullet."

    Well, that guy and the marshal get into a gunfight and both are shot. The marshal is only wounded. The other bad guy gets away. Accordiing to "wanted posters," he looks almost like Deputy Sheriff "Lofty Craig" (Brad Johnson). With a mustache, Lofty could pass for him. So, with the idea of catching the other guy who is part of a counterfeit ring, Lofty, Annie and her brother "Tagg," go up to the Sonoma County Fair. They believe that by posing as the shot criminal, Lofty can draw the others out. Annie, of course, will be needed for her marksmanship. Tagg (Jimmy Hawkins) provides humor for the show by trying to duplicate a professional magician.

    I don't know if this episode is typical of the others, but if it is, this is a show that is still good and I'd like to see more. This was a fast-moving 26 minutes. Annie ain't' bad on the eyes, either!

    This episode was part of the "TV Guide Presents Classic Westerns Vol. 4" DVD.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Gail Davis Gail Davis - Annie Oakley
    Jimmy Hawkins Jimmy Hawkins - Tagg Oakley
    Brad Johnson Brad Johnson - Deputy Sheriff Lofty Craig / Mort Kenyon
    Eve Miller Eve Miller - Laura Stevens
    Harry Lauter Harry Lauter - Deputy Jeff Forbes
    Baynes Barron Baynes Barron - Dave Morgan
    Frank Fenton Frank Fenton - Mike Tilman
    Gregg Barton Gregg Barton - Gil Porter
    Henry Rowland Henry Rowland - Marshal Jim Rawlins
    Bob Woodward Bob Woodward - Townsman
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