» » Braceface The Worst First Date Ever. Period (2001–2006)

Short summary

Sharon is getting ready for her first date with Alden. She helps out at Alden's parents restaurant opening and then goes skating with him. It is then when she experiences terrible stomach pains. Not knowing what to do, Alden calls the ambulance. Sharon is scared and thinks she will die when in fact... she's having her first period. At the hospital the doctor thinks Alden is Sharon's brother so she gives him some tampons for Sharon, who feels embarrassed by this. Back to school, Nina is jealous of Sharon, for having a period.

Episode cast overview:
Alicia Silverstone Alicia Silverstone - Sharon Spitz (voice)
Dan Petronijevic Dan Petronijevic - Adam Spitz (voice)
Vince Corazza Vince Corazza - Alden Jones (voice)
Peter Oldring Peter Oldring - Connor MacKenzie
Michael Cera Michael Cera - Josh Spitz (voice)
Marnie McPhail Marnie McPhail - Maria Wong (voice)
Tamara Bernier Tamara Bernier - Mom (voice)
Katie Griffin Katie Griffin - Nina Harper (voice)
Daniel DeSanto Daniel DeSanto - Brock (voice)
Emily Hampshire Emily Hampshire - Alyson (voice)
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