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The story of Júlio Pinhão that after the death of his father takes the family hotel.

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    • Author: Gindian
    As time goes on, the hotel will lose its excellence And consequently their stars ...

    ? 5 Star Hotel? Tells the story of Júlio Pinhão, a former actor (who Made only small roles in novels and films and was the founder of Amateur theater group "Bando of Galhofa"), who, after the death of His father finds himself obliged to take care of the family hotel. AND, Worse than having no appetite for the position, was to have Promised to his father, before his death, that when he died Would keep the five stars of the hotel. Julius thus has to have in his hands the great challenge of his life, Because, in addition to lacking the vocation to the office of manager Nothing hotel around it seems to help. This is because? His wife, Cristina Ameixa, left him when the hotel went from Five to four stars going to live with his greatest rival, Lazarus Matos, owner of Resort Spa & Resort. Her mother, Carolina Pinhão, lives as if she were the wife of a Five-star hotel and is always blaming Julius for all Failures of the hotel. The son, Sergio Pinhão, is spending as if he had a lot of money and Whenever you want to hook a girl, she assumes her condition Son of the owner of a large hotel and offers vouchers to stay with Full board at the hotel. To add to all this, Julio has with him in the hotel a cook (chef Malhão) with the "fried" brains? Many years ago, a handyman (Orlando) Who does not like to do anything and a maid (Joana) who dreams to come to Be someone in the hotel industry. To address all of this, and as a last resort to avoid Loss of the few remaining stars, Julius decides to sell the house And go live with the whole family to the hotel, investing the money in the Hiring a renowned hotel management company: Teresa Capello, a Woman who has both attractive and dumb, and whose ideas Things as absurd as a theme party dedicated to the Rubella, bet on promotions in emerging markets such as Aboriginal or the Tuareg and attract new clients in the Shelter And so is life in the 5 Star Hotel?

    A television series signed by comedians Frederico Pombares and Henrique Dias.
  • Series cast summary:
    José Pedro Gomes José Pedro Gomes - Júlio Pinhão 20 episodes, 2013
    Cecília Guimarães Cecília Guimarães - Carolina Pinhão 20 episodes, 2013
    Tiago Barroso Tiago Barroso - Sérgio Pinhão 20 episodes, 2013
    Susana Mendes Susana Mendes - Teresa Capello 20 episodes, 2013
    Bruno Simões Bruno Simões - Orlando 20 episodes, 2013
    Dânia Neto Dânia Neto - Joana 20 episodes, 2013
    Vítor Espadinha Vítor Espadinha - Luís Malhão 20 episodes, 2013
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