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Dave is a simple, shy, lonely country guy with a passion for photography and a foot fetish. Since he resembles Van Gogh, he's searching for a special girl for whom he can slice his ear off. Dave chooses to pursue the foot models he finds on his favorite foot fetish web site run by a celebrity photographer Astrud Swan. He drives to New Jersey for his first date, but is too shy to approach the girl. His second date lives in Florida, so he takes a vacation to go there. But when the girl approaches him, David withdraws timidly. The third date asks him to meet her in New York's Central Park, but stands him up. Instead, he accidentally meets Irene, an older woman with big artificial breasts. She invites Dave to her place, and seduces him. They have an intense sexual encounter, which devastates Dave and causes him to question life itself.

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    • Author: Reemiel
    "Forbidden Foot" is great. The main character is a bit freaky but I could feel his loneliness. Whatever you can do to break the solitude, do it.

    This movie surprised me. I thought there would be more feet in "Forbidden Foot", but I loved it anyway. In the end we're all looking for love, aren't we?

    I could definitely identify with Dave (the main character of "Forbidden Foot"), with his loneliness and isolation, appreciation of nature's beauty and search for love and meaning of it all. I liked the atmosphere of the film – melancholy and meditative, and mildly erotic.

    I watched this film, loved it and then ordered "Russian Bride" (which relates to "Forbidden Foot") and loved it too.
  • Credited cast:
    Arina Gray Arina Gray - Irene
    Everett Phillips Everett Phillips - Dave
    Elena Roth Elena Roth - Tanya
    Frances Santiago Frances Santiago - Connie
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