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During Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution, idealistic anticommunist Henry Wong fled mainland China as a political refugee with his then girlfriend, Moo-Ling. He built himself a new life in Hong Kong and eventually became a slick rich banker with political ambitions. At present, he's having an affair with Katharine, a married Englishwoman, and wants to take over the influential local Chinese-language newspaper in order to try to influence political changes in China. Moo-Ling also lives in Hong Kong, where she works as a nightclub singer. Japanese journalist, Akira, befriends her in order to find out more about Henry's past. Hong Kong is about to become part of China again soon, student demonstrations are erupting in Beijing and Akira is getting closer to the shady truth behind Henry's initial financial success. The future seems uncertain for everyone.

First co-production between Japan and the USA entirely financed in Japan. English language directorial debut for Mitsuo Yanagimachi.

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    • Author: Detenta
    The Director blends philosophy into his own movie. The quest is that what if he is of another race. It is not as superficial as what if I am an American or a Japanese. The exploration here is that Henry has made it all, and he searches for the meaning of life, and he finally goes back to where he comes from, and he is happy with all that. Everything is symbolic in this film. It touches on themes like absurdity of life, the French existentialism, ends with the Oriental ideas, that Henry finally gets a chance to know himself, and what treasure in the materialistic life is greater than knowing thy oneself. If you are searching for something deeper, this will certainly help you to find out more about yourself.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    John Lone John Lone - Henry
    Kôichi Satô Kôichi Satô - Akira
    Sammi Davis Sammi Davis - Katharine
    Vivian Wu Vivian Wu - Moo-Ling
    Roland Harrah III Roland Harrah III - Xiao Niu
    Roy Chiao Roy Chiao - Lee Hok Chow
    Constantine Gregory Constantine Gregory - Jameson
    Colin George Colin George - Burke
    Kenneth Tsang Kenneth Tsang - Mr. Lau
    Dennis Chan Dennis Chan - Mr. Wu
    Fredric Mao Fredric Mao - Chi Fung
    Simon Yam Simon Yam - Po Kok
    Ken Bennett Ken Bennett - Watson
    Yukio Yamato Yukio Yamato - Chen
    Junko Takazawa Junko Takazawa - Phantom Mother
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