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Miguel, a young man from Quezon province, leaves the Philippines for the U.S. After seven years, he returns home, and his family discovers he has had a sex change operation and is now Michelle. She declares she will stay until her family accepts her. This proves iffy: mom is embarrassed by the scandal; dad is angry and rejecting, feeling his own manhood undermined. In a sub-plot, M/M's best friend Julio, whom M/M knows is gay, announces his engagement to Sonja. Michelle tries to talk Julio out of the marriage. Julio and Sonja's decisions, Michelle's changing relationship with her tatay, and her own need to confront anew the nature of her sexuality complete the film.

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    • Author: Error parents
    There is so much good stuff going on in this film. First of all, just being able to find a film from the philippines is a treat in and of itself. This one tells the story of a young man who goes to the US and then returns to his family and friends in the Philippines as a woman. The film traces the struggle of the family and community to accept the new Miguel/Michelle. Cinemagraphically, it does this through scenes showing the family doing the 'old traditions' they always have. The most remarkable scene in the film (I won't give it all away here) is one in which Miguel/Michelle uses a skill his father taught him as a boy when his life is threatened. The film also gives the viewer rare glimpses into the culture and language of the Philippine GLBT community. SEE THIS MOVIE!!!
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    • Author: Eyalanev
    This is about a Philippino boy who goes off to America and then returns to the Philippines as a woman specifically to be accepted by her parents, after which she will return to the USA. The problem is, she didn't tell her family about her sex change and they learn the hard way when she shows up as a woman rather than a man!

    The film is alternately heartwarming and tearjerking. It's a pretty emotional affair, and I found myself on the edge of my seat much of the time, identifying greatly with the brave and honorable transsexual woman. I guess that's why I loved it: here is a transgender hero for the closet TG, in a movie that is fairly unsensationalized and low key. This is the most heartwarming and positive film on the subject of transsexualism I have ever seen.

    This was obviously filmed by someone intimately acquainted with the situations that transsexuals face, and is very honest without being brutally so. This is a very good film for TSs to share with friends and family members.

    Filmed in the Tagalog language (somewhat like Spanish). The video has very clear, computer-generated yellow subtitles with a black border around them.
  • Cast overview:
    Romnick Sarmenta Romnick Sarmenta - Miguel / Michelle de la Cruz
    Gloria Diaz Gloria Diaz - Tinang
    Ray Ventura Ray Ventura - Nano
    Cris Villanueva Cris Villanueva - Julio
    Mylene Dizon Mylene Dizon - Sonia
    Gandong Cervantes Gandong Cervantes - Fr. Rav
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