» » Grace Thanks for Nothing (1993–1998)

Short summary

Emmet is off with his buddies for Thanksgiving and makes a big show of letting everyone that she will be all alone, forcing Grace to invite her. Rick is invited, too, and Grace asks him to be nice to Jean. Rick and Jean are getting along so well that it makes Grace mad. Wade helps her to see that she has come to expect chaos and without it she's not happy.

Episode cast overview:
Brett Butler Brett Butler - Grace Kelly
Dave Thomas Dave Thomas - Russell Norton
Casey Sander Casey Sander - Wade Swoboda
Kaitlin Cullum Kaitlin Cullum - Libby Kelly
Jon Paul Steuer Jon Paul Steuer - Quentin Kelly
Dylan Sprouse Dylan Sprouse - Patrick Kelly
Cole Sprouse Cole Sprouse - Patrick Kelly
Julie White Julie White - Nadine Swoboda
Dave Florek Dave Florek - Vic
Walter Olkewicz Walter Olkewicz - Dougie Boudreau
Peggy Rea Peggy Rea - Jean Kelly
Alan Autry Alan Autry - Rick Bradshaw
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