» » Absolute Duo Killing Game (2015– )

Short summary

Tor and his friends confront the Rebels in Smith's grand killing game. Tomoe realizes she knows little about her Duo. K challenges Tor to a rematch.

Episode credited cast:
Bryn Apprill Bryn Apprill - Julie Sigtuna (voice)
Greg Ayres Greg Ayres - Additional Voices (voice)
Christopher Bevins Christopher Bevins - Additional Voices (voice)
Z. Charles Bolton Z. Charles Bolton - K (voice)
Anthony Bowling Anthony Bowling - Tora (voice)
Clifford Chapin Clifford Chapin - Additional Voices (voice)
Leah Clark Leah Clark - Kibitsu (voice)
Ashleigh Domangue Ashleigh Domangue - Miyabi (voice)
Ricco Fajardo Ricco Fajardo - Tor Kokonoe (voice)
Caitlin Glass Caitlin Glass - Lilith Bristol (voice)
Joel McDonald Joel McDonald - Additional Voices (voice)
Tyson Rinehart Tyson Rinehart - Tatsu (voice)
Whitney Rodgers Whitney Rodgers - Tomoe (voice)
Jad Saxton Jad Saxton - Additional Voices (voice)
Sonny Strait Sonny Strait - Additional Voices (voice)
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