» » The Ten Thousand Day War Uneasy Allies (1980– )

Short summary

Episode Eight covers the society in the south during the war. Saigon is a party town. American aid pours into the country, fight during the day live it up at night. in 1965 Premier Ky is in power, the 10th government in 20 months and Americans feel they have a solid ally finally. Ky goes to meet LBJ in Washington to obtain more economic aid. LBJ enthusiastically agrees. Within a month Vietnam has an operating TV station to promote social reforms to the population. The US commits $750,000,000 in aid to Vietnam. Vietnam is corrupt, much of the aid provided goes straight from the supply depots to the streets of Saigon. In 1966 the pentagon reports that 1 in 4 GI's have a venereal disease. American culture is claimed to be corrupting south Vietnam. where the GI goes so goes "American" culture. To American raised on WWII, Vietnam is a strange place. Americans feel that they alone are doing all the fighting.

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