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    • Author: Anarus
    This is essentially a promotional short for a video game I've not played, and I expected it to be just what that suggests it might be. I wasn't prepared for it to really deliver on its subtitle (Gut Wrenching) by being quite as upsetting and moving as it was. The horror plays out mostly in reverse as we see a scene of zombie carnage play backwards for a few minutes to see the root of it. Within this we focus on a small girl, and it is the fate/origin of this character that makes up the limited plot. The idea of a child adds to the horror but also the hurt of seeing it play out – and the final few shots are particularly upsetting.

    The sense of horror, fear, and pain are all well presented, and the gentle music adds to the emotion of the scene. It is a simple film that promotes a game sure, but it is still upsetting and effective in its own right.
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