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Keiko Nadachi is a substitute weather-girl for Michiko Kawai on J-TV. As a way of signing off, she hikes up her skirt and flashes her underwear at the audience. This move makes her an instant cult TV figure and a celebrity. Then Kaori comes back to work and an all-out war erupts between the two of them, with an old high school flame of Keiko's trapped in the middle.

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    • Author: Dusho
    Wonderful little movie that originally came out on video, but then due to it's success at Internation film festivals, it was re-released at the cinema.

    It's a fantastic parody of the absurdities of fame and the media, about how a Weatherwoman becomes famous and powerful merely by showing a glimpse of her panties during her broadcast.

    Apart from exploring this aspect and poking fun at the fame system, and how stupid fame is and how absurdly it can be achieved, it's story revolves around the Weatherwoman displaced by the panty flasher, the Western educated daughter of the Network Chairman (who wants control of the Network for herself) and their scheme to get rid of her - which involves - I kid you not - making the ex-weatherwoman the naked sex slave of the panty flashing one, and secretly filming their lesbian romps for airing (!!)

    The "climax" (in the non-sexual sense) involves the maga-esque duel between the Chairman's daughter and the panty flasher, who both use their magical weather controlling powers against each other in a live battle to the death !

    Excellent film ! Insightful, clever, surreal and sexy !

    Kei Mizutani as the voluptuous, sexy, power crazed, fame hungry, Weatherwoman of the title proves that beautiful former models really CAN act, she's a real star !

    Trivia Item: Saori Taira, who plays the displaced Weatherwoman, was famous in real life because she insured her breasts for $1 million (making her the ideal person to act in a movie about the absurdities of "fame")
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    • Author: Hilarious Kangaroo
    This is a very Japanese movie, and as such, much of the satirical humor was lost on me. Still you can tell that it is a very wry and clever movie that doesn't insult its audience by assuming that they will watch anything as long as there are enough naked women it--something very unusual for a sexploitation film from ANY country. The movie concerns a Keiko, substitute weather girl, high-wire karate expert, and chronic masturbator who manages to take the regular weather girls place by flashing her panties on the air. This somehow leads her to the top of the struggling network. The unfortunate former weather girl has to become her personal (topless)maid whose job includes licking the soap bubbles off her body after she takes a bath in her private suite. There's also some weird dominatrix scene involving a male ad. exec. who tries unsuccessfully to get Keiko fired, and, of course, a musical number or two.

    So far, so sexploitative, but then the plot kicks in when the Paris-educated daughter of the elderly station owner shows up and gets the weather girl fired via a sex scandal (apparently flashing your panties--or lack thereof--on live TV is not considered scandalous in Japan). The movie then quickly descends into bizarro/manga territory as Keiko teams up with a male admirer (who, outside of Japan,would be called a stalker) to take supernatural revenge by "harnessing the power of the weather" in an elaborate ritual involving a thunderstorm, a lightning rod, self-flagellation, and of course much more female masturbation and gratuitous nudity. Still it is a pretty enjoyable film and, if nothing else, you're pretty unlikely to see anything like it again (at least outside of Japan).
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    • Author: Bludsong
    The Weatherwoman is a strange Japanese cult film that will definitely not be to all tastes, as it comprises a blend of gross-out humour, surrealism, soft porn and wild kung fu-style mysticism.

    Not everything is pulled off as well as it could be, but nonetheless this has enough crazy gags thrown at the wall with enough velocity and rapidity that the movie comes off entertainingly. My favourite gag was the way the chairman's daughter at all times had someone carrying at stick of French Bread for her, to signify her Parisian education.
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    • Author: Dyni
    I've always been a fan of crazy, erotic asian romps, and this comedy is one of the best. Hell, there's even a lesbian sex scene thrown in with no relevance at all(not that I was worried). It was followed by a mild sequel that isn't worth seeing, but this one(based on a popular manga comic strip) certainly is. You'll never look at your local TV weatherperson the same way after this.
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    • Author: Velellan
    This is a great little film with lots of interesting (and hilarious and erotic) twists and turns. I'm always a little put off when I hear "satire", but this is satire that never descends into cynicism. The film makers obviously enjoyed making this. I also highly recommend the sequel, "Weather Woman Returns", which is just as good.
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    • Author: Prinna
    This is a great over the top parody of television excesses. A new weathergirl makes a point of showing her panties (or lack thereof) to the audience and ratings go through the roof. (another featured show on this network is "Hello Pervert") From there the story veers off into weather witchcraft and magic battles with some truely strange musical numbers thrown in there somewhere. Its a fun romp and Kei Mizutani is gorgeous.
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    • Author: Aloo
    One is tempted to suspect the feminist credentials of any male director, especially in a film boasting graphic female onanism, and a not-exactly-hostile-to-adolescent-male-fantasy bath scene featuring naked women, licking, foam and cute maid's outfits.

    Nevertheless, one must applaud Hosoyama's intentions - he far outstrips the similarly themed and styled 'To Die For' in terms of both visual imagination and ideological sympathy. What begins as a media satire turns into a gleefully bizarre S&M martial arts fantasy. The terms of the conflict are gendered - the sterile post-modern male world of the media and virtual reality; and the older female world of magic and nature. This tends to reinforce stereotypes, especially when the villainess is punished for wanting to be man, but who cares when you're having this much fun?
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Kei Mizutani Kei Mizutani - Keiko Nakadai
    Takashi Sumida Takashi Sumida - Minoru Yamagishi
    Yasuyo Shirashima Yasuyo Shirashima - Kaori Shimamori
    Saori Taira Saori Taira - Michiko Kawai
    Satoru Saitô Satoru Saitô - President Gondo
    Kunihiro Ida Kunihiro Ida - Masao Yanabe (as Kunihiko Ida)
    Ren Osugi Ren Osugi - Yochi Hamamoto (as Ren Ôsugi)
    Hiroshi Ohkôchi Hiroshi Ohkôchi - Cook
    Satoru Okubo Satoru Okubo - Newscaster
    Katsue Sato Katsue Sato - Newscaster
    Yu Tokui Yu Tokui - Guardsman
    Yoshiaki Umegaki Yoshiaki Umegaki - Golden Man
    Fumiko Miura Fumiko Miura - Girl
    Ziro Todoroki Ziro Todoroki - Announcer
    Ginnosuke Azuma Ginnosuke Azuma - Mr. Shirarui
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