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Ray undergoes a routine surgery. The medical personnel have difficulty waking him for a while causing most of the family to panic. Ray finally wakes up, and everyone is a little nicer to him afterward.

Sawyer Sweeten's final on-screen appearance before his death on April 23, 2015, almost 10 years after the show ended.

Filming of the series finale was delayed twice when Patricia Heaton and then Doris Roberts were ill and couldn't speak well on the filming days.

Last episode of the series.

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    • Author: Zeli
    Everybody Loves Raymond is one of my favorite sitcoms ever. That being said, the finale was just another episode, nothing ending about it. They had a perfect opportunity to make a real statement. They spent nine years trying to show real life families on a sitcom. So I think the perfect ending should have been real life. Debra leaving Ray because she finally had enough of him being a terrible husband and father, not to mention the worlds biggest mama's boy. Through all the clips over nine seasons proving her points, the show could have lasted two hours, a proper finale for a show of this magnitude. They could have also worked in the fact that Robert, who always took Debra's side, could have had enough and he and Amy could have also moved away. With all this madness going on, Frank could have kicked Marie out for being a main reason everyone is leaving, especially Debra who he saw as a daughter. Marie would have moved in with Raymond and the closing scene would have been an unhappy Raymond (knowing he got what he deserved)sitting on the couch with Marie who is hiding a smile behind that smug look she does so well. This is the ending the entire series was building up to, Ray ending up with his mommy and Marie getting her way, as usual.
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    • Author: Burgas
    After nine seasons and multiple Emmy's later 'Everybody Loves Raymond' bowed out in this final episode, helpfully titled 'The Finale'.

    And I'm afraid to say it's a bit of a anti-climax. I know this was an era where 'Friends' and 'Frasier' ended with big, game changing finales, but even so, this felt if anything just like a normal episode. Perhaps that was the intention.

    There's a bit of drama, where we think we might lose Raymond, but it's over so quickly that it never really comes to it.

    For many fans the true ending of the show would have been Ray/Debra or Frank and Marie moving away. Once the show did that right at the start of the ninth series (which in general felt weaker)with Frank and Marie, only for them to move straight back, there was nowhere else to go.

    This was a great sitcom, and one I return to regularly, but I can't say I've ever been totally impressed with this final episode.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Ray Romano Ray Romano - Ray Barone
    Patricia Heaton Patricia Heaton - Debra Barone
    Brad Garrett Brad Garrett - Robert Barone
    Monica Horan Monica Horan - Amy Barone
    Madylin Sweeten Madylin Sweeten - Ally Barone
    Doris Roberts Doris Roberts - Marie Barone
    Peter Boyle Peter Boyle - Frank Barone
    Charles Rahi Chun Charles Rahi Chun - Doctor (as Charles Chun)
    Henriette Mantel Henriette Mantel - Nurse
    Tracie Leong Tracie Leong - Woman at Hospital
    Sawyer Sweeten Sawyer Sweeten - Geoffrey Barone
    Sullivan Sweeten Sullivan Sweeten - Michael Barone
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