» » What's the Matter with Father? (1913)

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"Old Man" Davis, a rheumatic grouch, tells Herbert, his daughter's fiancé, that he will have none of him, and to leave his premises. Herbert, however, through a doctor friend, secures a patent medicine that guarantees the cure of rheumatism. Herbert informs Mr. Davis of his remarkable discovery, and is promised the hand of Gertrude, providing he can cure the old gentleman. Over-enthusiastic, "Old Man" Davis takes more of the medicine than the law allowed.

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    • Author: LØV€ YØỮ
    Comedy that for a little over the first half makes a steady hit. There is for this time a continuous ripple of laughter. Then, instead of holding the comedy down to the straight stuff, depending alone on the story to carry it, there was introduced some stop stuff, on the accelerated motion order, and the humor, thus stimulated and forced, fell. Thomas Commerford, as the old rheumatic grouch, did excellent work, and so also did Clara Smith as the sister-in-law. - The Moving Picture World, July 19, 1913
  • Cast overview:
    Minor Watson Minor Watson - Herbert
    Beverly Bayne Beverly Bayne - Gertrude Davis
    Thomas Commerford Thomas Commerford - Old Man Davis
    Clara Smith Clara Smith - Old Man Davis' Sister
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