» » Garfield und seine Freunde The Sludge Monster/U.S. Acres: Fortune Kooky/Heatwave Holiday (1988–1995)

Short summary

The Sludge Monster: Jon tells Garfield and Odie the story of the sludge monster, which scares them into thinking the monster is outside. Fortune Kooky: For a practical joke, Roy makes the predictions of Wade's fortune cookies come to life. Heatwave Holiday: In an attempt to think cool on a hot day, Jon and Garfield decorate the house for Christmas; something that quickly spreads to all the other houses and soon the whole town.

The title card for The Sludge Monster appears in the episode The Lssagne Zone in which Garfield finds himself trapped in the TV hopping from channel to channel in various shows.

In the U.S. Acres episode, Fortune Kooky, Roy looks at a calendar that displays a picture of Garfield wearing a party hat and the words 'happy 10th birthday Garf'. Garfield was indeed celebrating 10 years since his first appearance in a comic strip at the time the episode aired.

Episode complete credited cast:
Lorenzo Music Lorenzo Music - Garfield (voice)
Thom Huge Thom Huge - Jon Arbuckle / Roy Rooster (voice)
Howard Morris Howard Morris - Wade Duck / Wart / Wolf / Worm (voice) (as Howie Morris)
Gregg Berger Gregg Berger - Odie / Orson Pig / Floyd Mouse / Herman the Mailman / Weasel (voice)
Julie Payne Julie Payne - Lanolin (voice)
Gary Owens Gary Owens - Announcer (voice)
Greg Berg Greg Berg - (voice)
Frank Welker Frank Welker - Booker / Sheldon / Bo / Mort (voice)
Lennie Weinrib Lennie Weinrib - Clerk / Harry (voice)
Desirée Goyette Desirée Goyette - Nermal (voice)
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