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Short summary

Washed-up Horror Movie actor Jim Sutton is haunted by a paranormal demon. Together with his best friend Link they try to find out the reason why. A Professor for paranormal stuff helps them. What they find out is scarier than anything else in their life.

The Film-in-Film sequence "Voodoo Zombies from Skull Island" combines scenes from "Vampire City 2: Rock 'N Roll Zombies from Outer Space" (2009) and a new scene that was filmed especially for this movie.

The scenes with Julia Prock-Schauer as Karen are taken from "Lost in Vienna, Austria" (2013).

Actor Seth Raven has a mustache in one scene, in the next scene he is clean shaved and in the next scene he wears his mustache again.

When Lt. Brick Dexter shows his ID it shows into his direction.

In the scene when Jaimie Cutter walks into the basement and puts her sunglasses on you can see the cameraman in the reflection.

Cast overview:
Wolf Morrison Wolf Morrison - Jim Sutton (as Robert Tarantino)
Seth Raven Seth Raven - Link Taylor
Birgit Waite Birgit Waite - Mistress Larissa (as Biggie Waite)
Christopher Charles Brown Christopher Charles Brown - Professor Van Abraham
Elisabeth Oehl Elisabeth Oehl - Lizzie
Susi Ramberger Susi Ramberger - Jaimie Cutter
Mehdi Malayeri Mehdi Malayeri - Lt. Brick Dexter
Julia Prock-Schauer Julia Prock-Schauer - Karen (archive footage)
Christian Gassler Christian Gassler - Chilly Parker
Katharina Sigwald Katharina Sigwald - Chrissie Ears
Raynold O'Malley Raynold O'Malley - Uncle Reini
Philipp Bichl Philipp Bichl - Eddie Sacklbauer
Ranul Heinzberg Ranul Heinzberg - Stranger
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