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When Izan wakes up and realizes that he and his lover are running out of time. Just a simple thing to do next, deliver the documents, get the antidote and find her before the countdown ends.
I Express Shortfilms Festival "Lanzate a rodar" Lanzarote Arrecife 2015. Express Shortfilm filmed and edited in less than 48 hours. Love, venom and treason. A story told from the end to the beginning while Izan runs against the clock to save his love's life and his own.

The intro of this shortfilm makes a sound reference to back to the future's beginning, which is the favourite movie of the film writer and director, Alejandro Pacheco.

The actress was a last minute change, the original cast was for Tania Marcer.

The stile and dramatic rhythm was inspired by Michael Bay's Bad Boys.

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    • Author: Pedora
    We've named this short film "Contrarreloj - Against the clock" because we filmed it and edited it against the clock in 36 hours. For our team this is our first movie, just the beginning of, we hope, a long, long trip to complete our creative dreams. With dozens of scripts in our hands ready to become reality this short film represents the step number one of a life time path. We've born with the idea to create and film the movies that we really want to see in cinemas. My life as filmmaker will not be complete till i find my self directing one script that i start writing it when i was 5 years old. It will be my Star Wars, my Back to the future. Till then i will be writing and directing the other movies that will guide me to my film destiny Enjoy Contrarreloj, is just the firts step.
  • Cast overview:
    Brandon Pacheco Brandon Pacheco - The main
    Carolayn Victoria Carolayn Victoria - The Girl
    José Ríos José Ríos - The Bad guy
    David Serna David Serna - The Interrogator
    Ekaitz Casas Ekaitz Casas - The Scholar of evil
    David Gacía David Gacía - The Expert
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