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Holden and crew are caught in the middle of a desperate battle as mysterious war ships attack and board the Donnager. As Miller continues to investigate Julie Mao, his partner Havelock continues to go missing.

"Bizi Betiko" is Basque for "Live Forever".

The self-destruct interface aboard the MCRN Donnager, visible after Captain Yao decides to scuttle the ship, is a direct homage to the Nostromo's self destruct panel from Alien (1979). The red and yellow colors as well as most of the text itself are lifted directly from the warning label on the Nostromo's self destruct mechanism, seen when Ripley activates it and later, fails to deactivate it.

The tool Joe uses to retrieve the data crypt is an Eppendorf pipette (with a metal barrel added), used for liquid handling in Biochemical laboratories.

CQB is defined as Close Quarter Battle

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    • Author: The Sinners from Mitar
    Forty three minutes of excellent science fiction. This episode is one long battle between the Martian space navy flagship Donnager and an armada of six unknown ships (with a few scenes where we cut away to the asteroid belt and Earth, but I'm going to focus on the battle here).

    The battle begins with Martian arrogance that they have everything under control. As the episode and the battle progresses, that arrogance erodes as it increasingly becomes obvious that the Donnager is outmatched. She manages to destroy 4 of the 6 enemy ships, but by that point she's crippled. The remaining 2 ships start a boarding action against the now-toothless flagship. During the boarding action, we find out that these are Humans aboard these strange ships, but not much more than that.

    After ensuring that the remaining survivors of the Canterbury are safely away in the Donnager's armed shuttle Hitachi, the crippled flagship self-destructs. It's unclear if the explosion takes out the remaining enemy ships.

    During all this, Martian officer Lopez reveals that they were dispatched to investigate a loss of communications with their base on Saturn's moon Phoebe. The Donnager found the base destroyed, everyone was dead, apparently an accident until they found that the computers on the base had been purposely smashed. The Donnager was on its way back to Mars when it picked up the distress call from the Canterbury survivors.

    There's also some potentially dark foreshadowing with respect to the mention of asteroid impacts and the extinction of the dinosaurs. There's also the suggestion that a faction of belters might be responsible for the strange enemy ships.

    We are faced with many questions: How will Mars respond to losing its flagship? Might they blame Earth? Earth has deployed the Orinoco to the area. Will they find the Donnager's shuttle? Will they be ambushed like their Martian counterpart? Why was Martian base on Saturn's moon Phoebe destroyed?
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    • Author: Fek
    Usually, war scene involves a lot of fireworks carnage without too much focus on the structural flow. The Expanse has both qualities in tandem, it gives a majestic view on warfare and still manages to keep an approachable narrative even though it's teeming with sci-fi jingoisms. This is an intricate story presentation as well as an impactful visual spectacle.

    The battle of Donnager happens for almost half the episode, and it's not just random blasts of laser and cannon. By using manageable pacing, it gives a solid perspective on the main characters' predicaments. There lies significant amount of special effects as well, offering much higher level of action scene than other sci-fi have done. Describing this episode as worthy of cinema screen would not be an understatement.

    It pans back and forth between various scales of the war. The most notable gimmick is the inclusion of gravity differential which hastens or slows down the action, and serves as on-screen slow motion effect. This trial also gives more character development to the Martians who indeed are more humane than any impression their chauvinistic visages might produce from earlier episode.

    A few other subplots happen in between the fire and explosion which slightly push the mystery angle further. However, the center stage is the immense skirmish and it's an impressive production value audience can simply sit back and marvel at.
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    • Author: santa
    This was a very good episode. While there are many aspects to the different unfolding story lines, I'll focus on the space battle. The biggest part of this was the character development of the Martians. It gave us a new/updated insight into their culture and who they are.


    I actually felt bad for the Martians when the ship exploded. The Martians had been somewhat set up as the enemy in the previous three episodes, so it says a lot when they can make you like the so-called "enemy" after just one episode. I especially loved the Captain, her arrogance/strength, and her final words.

    Overall, this episode is what truly made me realized I will absolutely give this series and entire season of watching before I make a judgement.

    The only thing I can criticize is the fact that not a single Martian officer/soldier survived while practically all the main characters did...
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    • Author: Qiahmagha
    Greetings from Lithuania.

    4th episode of "The Expanse" was the most action packed episode yet. It was also superbly paced - all story lines were interesting and were involvingly done. Special effects were really good and action scenes were high quality.

    After seeing first 4 episode i can say that i really like about this show it is deep story - this is a pure sci-fi and i love it - and there are no aliens (finally).

    Overall, i will definitely watch next episodes as i enjoyed first 4, with the 4th one being probably most intense yet. Good sci-fi series so far, not a masterpiece, but pure sci-fi.
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    • Author: Quphagie
    I liked this episode with all the technology but some of the acting wasn't so great but still I love future shows and technology and life and more is writing about a goof haha. That is the only reason I'm writing a review lol is because of that goof but I need to write 5 sentences of that goof so if you need to watch it go to 9:55 and by minute 10:03 you will hear it.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Thomas Jane Thomas Jane - Joe Miller
    Steven Strait Steven Strait - Jim Holden
    Cas Anvar Cas Anvar - Alex Kamal
    Dominique Tipper Dominique Tipper - Naomi Nagata
    Wes Chatham Wes Chatham - Amos Burton
    Paulo Costanzo Paulo Costanzo - Shed Garvey
    Florence Faivre Florence Faivre - Julie Mao
    Shawn Doyle Shawn Doyle - Sadavir Errinwright
    Shohreh Aghdashloo Shohreh Aghdashloo - Chrisjen Avasarala
    Chad L. Coleman Chad L. Coleman - Col. Frederick Lucius Johnson
    Jay Hernandez Jay Hernandez - Dimitri Havelock
    Lola Glaudini Lola Glaudini - Captain Shaddid
    Athena Karkanis Athena Karkanis - Octavia Muss
    Brian George Brian George - Arjun Avasarala
    Greg Bryk Greg Bryk - Lopez
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