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Cover-up '62 is based on the final days and tragic death of screen legend Marilyn Monroe. In an attempt to calm her down after a sudden argument, RFK and Dr. Greenson administer a fatal dose of Nembutal. Instead of calling the authorities with the help of Peter Lawford and the Secret Service her death is covered up as a suicide.

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    • Author: BroWelm
    I truly enjoyed watching Carla Orlandi playing Marilyn Monroe. She is the only actress that portrayed Marilyn without the affected voice and mannerisms. Instead as a real woman at a moment of desperation, the last day of her life. Kudos to Ms. Orlandi who also was the creator of this controversial short film. I wish more films about Marilyn Monroe's life would portray her as an intelligent woman and not as suicidal pill popping blonde. Cover-up '62 explores the last day in the life of Marilyn Monroe and shows how she was visited on August 4th in the early evening by Robert Kennedy and Dr. Greenson. According to the first cop on the scene the body was moved and staged postmortem. The amount of Nembutal in her liver was enough to kill 3 people, and she did not have that many pills in her home. Plus, no residue of pills was ever found in her stomach. This film is a gigantic effort to disprove the theory of suicide and start the focus into re-opening the cold case. DNA test could prove that she was administered a fatal dose of Nembutal intravenously or through an enema. I highly recommend this short film by Carla Orlandi.
  • Credited cast:
    David Beren David Beren - Sergeant Clemmons
    Allan Cooke Allan Cooke - John F. Kennedy
    Tim Furlong Tim Furlong - Robert Kennedy
    Stefan Gierasch Stefan Gierasch - Dr. Greenson
    John Gilbert John Gilbert - Chief Abernathy
    Jeanne Graham Jeanne Graham - Eunice Murray
    Clint Jung Clint Jung - Tom Nogushi
    Warren McCullough Warren McCullough - F.B.I Agent
    Brodie Nelson Brodie Nelson - Peter Lawford
    Carla Orlandi Carla Orlandi - Marilyn Monroe
    Al Steigerwald Al Steigerwald - Radio Announcer
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