» » Rab C. Nesbitt Rab in Hoodie (1988–2014)

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After unsuccessfully trying to beat the bedroom tax by passing his spare room off as his study Rab joins Jamesie, annoyed that his disability allowance bid has been rejected, for a public protest against welfare cuts - quickly dispersed by police. The pair then decide to rob a building society and so the legend of Rab in Hoodie with his merry men (Jamesie and Andra) who rob institutions and share their spoils with retirement home residents - is born. They become folk heroes and Mary is interviewed on television. But Rab's grand-daughter Peaches still needs money for the school trip to Sweden, so one last heist is planned - the theft of a Rembrandt from a local museum. Will Rab in Hoodie succeed , or will he and his merry men literally end up in the gutter?

Episode credited cast:
Ron Bain Ron Bain - Elderly Man
Callum Cuthbertson Callum Cuthbertson - Gleason
Anna Devitt Anna Devitt - Peaches
Gregor Fisher Gregor Fisher - Rab C. Nesbitt
James Kirk James Kirk - Museum Attendant
Billy Mack Billy Mack - Chief Inspector Cromer
Scarlett Mack Scarlett Mack - Louise Poise
Helen Mackay Helen Mackay - Siobhan
Lewis Macleod Lewis Macleod - Coach Passenger
Jane McCarry Jane McCarry - Sergeant Heenan
Brian Pettifer Brian Pettifer - Andra
Mark Prendergast Mark Prendergast - Mr. Farley
Barbara Rafferty Barbara Rafferty - Ella Cotter
Sally Reid Sally Reid - Jeanette
Tony Roper Tony Roper - Jamesie Cotter
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