» » Captain Planet and the Planeteers The Dead Seas (1990–1996)

Short summary

Gi is outraged to see Hoggish Greedly using a giant drift-net to illegally fish whatever he wants from the ocean. Kwame is the only one she finds right away to get the news to, and he reluctantly follows her as she goes to fight without waiting for anyone else. They free some animals but the Ecosub is caught in a net and two are captured. They contact Ma-Ti and the others, who rescue them, but Greedly learns their secrets of how they summon Captain Planet and that their powers are absent when he does arrive. While Cap is active but away, ridding the world of the nets, Greedly captures the Planeteers and gains their rings with a magnetic field, so they can't summon him and his business can resume...

The only episode where Captain Planet was summoned twice but wasn't shown leaving in between (it's implied that he managed to return his powers to the rings at the point where they ware stolen, which could be why his voice is heard through them).

Like in the preceding "The Last of Her Kind", Captain Planet was not wearing boots in his first appearance, but as in all other past (except the first) and future episodes, his second showed him wearing them.

Episode credited cast:
David Coburn David Coburn - Captain Planet (voice)
LeVar Burton LeVar Burton - Kwame / Opening Narrator (voice)
Joey Dedio Joey Dedio - Wheeler (voice)
Janice Kawaye Janice Kawaye - Gi (voice)
Scott Menville Scott Menville - Ma-Ti (voice)
Kath Soucie Kath Soucie - Linka (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Edward Asner Edward Asner - Hoggish Greedly (voice)
John Ratzenberger John Ratzenberger - Rigger (voice)
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