» » The Spartan Girl (1914)

Short summary

Helena, a Greek girl, who is spending her holidays at the seashore together with little cousin Mary, has taken a rowboat and gone on a sketching trip, having selected an advantageous spot on a large rock a short distance from the shore. Ali Bey, a Turkish military attache who is stationed at Athens, has been attracted by Helena's beauty. He follows them down to the shore and patiently awaits their return, when he is horrified by seeing that the boat has gone adrift and the tide is fast rising. He immediately raises an alarm and plunges into the water to save them. After a desperate struggle he manages to get them ashore safely. Helena falls in love with the Turkish officer, much to her father's displeasure, but after may arguments her father compels her to marry Captain Humeroki, a Greek officer, although she is in love with her rescuer, Ali Bey, the Turk. Some months later war is declared between Greece and Turkey. Important war documents are in the possession of Helena's husband, ...

Original Italian title is undetermined.

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