» » Four in the Morning Four Christs (2016– )

Short summary

Bondurant rushes into the diner - where Jamie now works following her journey of relationship self-discovery about what she believes William thinks about her - to confront William upon Mitzi's chemical-induced confession that she and William recently had sex with each other. Bondurant does not know, however, that Mitzi and William's sexual encounter was largely revenge sex on their mistaken belief that Bondurant and Jamie recently had sex with each other, which Mitzi now knows did not happen, but which she has failed to tell William. In the mêlée, the truth of Bondurant and Jamie's sexual history is revealed. Other truths come to light, including with relation to Jamie and William's book, and about Mitzi's pregnancy and abortion, which leads not only to the question if either couple's relationship can survive, but whether the friendship between the four can survive. William in particular asks his father for advice on the matter, Mr. Wilson's extreme response which is solely meant to ...

Episode complete credited cast:
Lola Tash Lola Tash - Mitzi
Michelle Mylett Michelle Mylett - Jamie
Daniel Maslany Daniel Maslany - Bondurant Smit
Mazin Elsadig Mazin Elsadig - William Wilson
Nick Flanagan Nick Flanagan - Guy
Siobhan Murphy Siobhan Murphy - Girl
Christine Nguyen Christine Nguyen - Waitress #2
Martin Roach Martin Roach - Doug Wilson
Lanette Ware Lanette Ware - Susan Wilson
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