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After a quarrel with her husband at the Midsomer Mallow residents association's Spanish Evening, Fiona Thompson walks home, but never arrives. She is found the next morning in Chaney's Field, having been stabbed to death. Barnaby investigates with his new Detective Sergeant, Dan Scott, in tow. An early suspect is the village odd job man, Jacob Stoat. Cully Barnaby meanwhile organizes a get-together with some old school friends, one of whom is the dead woman's neighbor. She finds that her friends have changed and that they now have little in common. A second murder during the village's open garden day leads the police to a secret shared by Cully's friends and the identity of the murderer.

First appearance of Sergeant Dan Scott, played by John Hopkins.

Esther Hall plays Cassie Woods in this episode. She returns in episode 19.3, Midsomer Murders: Last Man Out (2017), in the role of Serena Luthando.

John Standing plays Charles Rust in this episode. He returns in episode 12.1, Midsomer Murders: The Dogleg Murders (2009), in the role of Will Tunstall.

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    • Author: Iaran
    Dan Scott (John Hopkins) comes in to replace Troy as Barnaby's new partner in "Bad Tidings" from season 7. He has no time to become acclimated to his new boss or surroundings, as a murder case beckons.

    A woman is found dead from stabbing in Midsomer Mallow. She left the Midsomer Mallow residents' association's Spanish Evening in a huff but never arrives home.

    The suspect that comes up immediately is Jacob Stoat, who goes around with a wagon and does odd jobs.

    As a subplot, Cully, Barnaby's daughter, is reuniting with some school friends, one of whom is peripherally involved in the case. She was a neighbor of the dead woman. Cully is distressed to see that her friends have changed. She's not as comfortable with them as she once was, not realizing that they have a secret. When a second murder occurs, that secret is revealed.

    This is a pretty good Midsomer Murders entry, except that the murderer seems to troll the countryside looking for people to kill, and one of them is not really involved with the killer.

    As Sergeant Scott, Dan Hopkins is handsome and the character's polite, charming nature on the surface belies his resentment for being sent down from London and his determination to move up the ranks. I think he gets his wish, as he's not with Barnaby very long.
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    • Author: Mightsinger
    A woman in a Spanish costume is brutally murdered after leaving a kind of Spanish festival. She has a flower stuffed in her mouth. Few have much regret because she was abhorred by many in the town. There are two things at play here. One seems to be the dissension among the ranks of this club. Next to the murdered woman, the head of the group is despised by the other, with good reason. The secondary plot (which is ultimately important) is a tense reunion among Cully Barnaby and three of her old classmates. They seem to have lost that sense of sisterhood. Finally, we are introduced to the new Sergeant. He is one of those people who is angry about the situation in which he finds himself. He is ambitious, looking to use his time with Barnaby to climb the ladder. He is also smart and charming and has the ability to get the resistant to talk.
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    • Author: Aurizar
    Midsomer Murders: Bad Tidings is set in the Midsomer village of Midsomer Mallow & starts late one night as the local residents committee are holding a themed evening, in this case a Spanish night. Inside the hall & Fiona Thompson (Nina Marc) has an argument with her husband Gary (Michael Simkins) & storms off into the darkness of the night past local resident Donald Tew (John Normington) who hears a funny squeaking noise but can't see what's making it... The next morning & Mary Pearce (Helen Lindsay) finds one of Fiona's high heeled shoes in the grass, it's not long before she find Fiona's dead body having been stabbed to death sometime after she left the Spanish evening the night before. With Troy departed for Middlesborough DCI Tom Barnaby (John Nettles) welcomes his new Sergeant Dan Scott (John Hopkins) to Causton CID, however the formalities will have to wait as Sgt. Scott finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation on his first day...

    Episode 2 from season 7 this Midsomer Murders mystery was directed by Peter Smith & is a solid & enjoyable detective drama although once again it doesn't quite capture the magic of the earlier seasons. The script by Peter Hammond is notable because it introduces Barnaby's new Sergeant after Troy left in the previous story The Green Man, I can't say I've taken to him that well as he seems a touch arrogant & just not as likable as the sometimes dim witted Troy & it was no surprise when he only lasted for fourteen episodes & mysteriously left after the character called in sick one day & was never to be heard from again, one suspects all was not well behind the scenes... Anyway back to Bad Tidings & a fair amount of it is preoccupied with the introduction of Scott which it does well enough I suppose, sometimes the actual murder case they are working on seems a secondary consideration but the later stages of the episode redress the balance. The murder plot here is quite good & I doubt you'll ever figure out who did it or why, not even Barnaby does that as the killer is caught in the act rather than found out. There aren't too many suspects in this one & the red herrings are average, I mean that shifty guy with the hand cart who sharpens knifes for a living is the most obvious suspect but you just know it's not him because he's too obvious & Midsomer Murders doesn't do obvious. It all comes together quite well although the motives for murder aren't that great & none of the loose ends are tied up like what happens to the baby & the father now the secret is out in the open. A good story for sure & still very watchable but I wouldn't call it a Midsomer Murders classic.

    There's plenty of the English countryside on show as usual, Cuddington in Buckinghamshire was used for several location in Bad Tidings & Warborough in Oxfordshire was used for several other locations. It all looks very nice being shot on film & having very high production values. The acting is strong as usual from a good cast. There are three murders in Bad Tidings & the murders here contain a fair amount of blood, although not seen taking place the crimes scenes & dead bodies are blood stained.

    Bad tidings is another good Midsomer murders although I'm missing Troy already, a must for fans & armchair detectives everywhere as it's one of the best murder mystery show's around & even a story like Bad Tidings beats most other crime dramas hands down & it's as simple & straight forward as that, however by Midsomer Murders very own high standards this one perhaps falls slightly short.
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    • Author: Nikohn
    Troy has gone off to pastures new, Barnaby has a new colleague, the straight laced and cocky Sergeant Scott, a totally different guy to Troy. It's not long before he and Barnaby are on the hunt for a killer, after a Spanish dancing evening, Fiona Thompson is found stabbed to death in Midsomer Mallow Field with a Red Rose in her mouth. Cully is meeting up with a group of friends that she hasn't seen for ages.

    This has an absolutely fantastic cast, shame this is the last time we've seen Nina Marc (Fiona) on the TV, lovely and talented actress, John Standing, John Normington, Esther Hall, Ruth Jones, all utterly brilliant, they had a cracking script to work with, the standout performance here though came from Helen Grace, she's a magical actress, shockingly underrated and massively talented.

    Series 7 is a very strong season, no wonder they were averaging ten million viewers per episode, this is one of the better ones, something very dark and nasty about this one, it's very very good. 9/10
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    • Author: Malaunitly
    Red herrings galore in this episode, and we are left with little satisfactory explanation for the rampant killings. A bit of blackmail seems to set the killer off, but there's no real satisfactory reason as to why the villain keeps on killing (and skulking about looking for more people to kill). As another reviewer noted, the obvious suspect has to be ruled out by any regular watcher of the show, on the grounds that he's so obvious, he can't be guilty.

    The show marks the debut of Detective Sergeant Scott. Count me as one glad to see the last of Sergeant Troy, with the running gag of his cloth-headedness and poor driving skills. The new Sergeant, even with the undercurrent of resentment at being banished to the hinterlands from London, takes hold immediately. He's a lot easier to watch as well. Time will tell if he grows into a good working relationship with DCI Barnaby, although with the magic of IMDb to tell us that he lasted for only a few episodes, the answer is probably - no.
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    • Author: Llathidan
    Not quite as good as the previous episode "The Green Man", which saw us bidding farewell to Sergeant Troy. "Bad Tidings" sees the debut of Barnaby's new sergeant, Sergeant Scott.

    And a good debut it is too. Quite often new characters don't fit instantly and take a while to settle and to warm to, but Scott fits very well at first sight and doesn't make one miss Troy too much at all John Hopkins brings charm and intensity to the part, and works like a glove with John Nettles who is as always a joy as Barnaby. All the cast do great jobs, with Helen Grace a standout.

    The production values are top notch, with to die for scenery, the idyllic look of it contrasting very well with the story's occasional grimness, and quaint and atmospheric photography. The music fits perfectly, and the theme tune one of the most memorable and instantly recognisable of the genre.

    Meanwhile, the script is smart and thought-provoking with some nice quirky humour, a suitable dark grimness and colourful characters. The story is compelling, and never simplistic and never losing any of the maturity of most of the previous episodes. There is a lot going on mostly without being cluttered or rushed (remarkable for an episode that as ever is heavy in exposition), and that nothing is what it seems, or very few people are who they seem adds to the complexity, while there are no out of kilter scenes.

    "Bad Tidings" twists, red herrings and turns, in classic 'Midsomer Murders' tradition, keep coming, and while there could have been more suspects and a couple of them are a touch obvious there's hardly a shortage of them. The characters are lively enough.

    It is agreed though that the motives are on the dull side, prefer the more twisted ones myself, and there are a few loose ends at the end not tied up particularly well.

    Otherwise, a very good episode and debut for Barnaby's new sergeant. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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    • Author: Hamrl
    Did anyone notice a photo on the wall at the Barnaby household? It was a typical black and white of a little girl and her younger brother, toddler/kindergarten ages. Seemed to be the vintage of their daughter's childhood. So who was the little boy?
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    John Nettles John Nettles - DCI Tom Barnaby
    John Hopkins John Hopkins - Sergeant Dan Scott
    Jane Wymark Jane Wymark - Joyce Barnaby
    Laura Howard Laura Howard - Cully Barnaby
    Barry Jackson Barry Jackson - Dr. Bullard
    John Standing John Standing - Charles Rust
    John Normington John Normington - Donald Tew
    Helen Lindsay Helen Lindsay - Mary Pearce
    Michael Simkins Michael Simkins - Gary Thompson
    Hilton McRae Hilton McRae - Mathew Spearman
    Esther Hall Esther Hall - Cassie Woods
    Helen Grace Helen Grace - Lynn Spearman
    Ruth Jones Ruth Jones - Rachael Rose
    Christine Moore Christine Moore - Shirley Bennett
    Daniel Crowder Daniel Crowder - Noel Woods
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