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A Civil War ghost story with a modern twist.

The character of Pvt. Joey Paul Gowdy is from the name of one of the film's Kickstarter supporters, Joey Paul Gowdy who is an aspiring producer and avid actor from north Mississippi.

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    • Author: Vertokini
    First I'm no writer, I can't spell very well, so don't send the grammar police after me. I was lucky enough to see the world premiere at Dragon Con 2012. I enjoyed the showing very much. I have never been into horror movies. I was given chills from the use of real, old photos in the opening of the film. You could feel the history in each one. This was my favorite part. The sound track was great, as was the cast. There are a few twist and turns that tie together in the end. When the DVD becomes available I will be adding this to my small collection of movies. It was a great introduction for me into the world of horror films. Be sure to look up Blood Fare Movie on Facebook.
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    • Author: Modimeena
    This is her latest film and by any measure is her finest film to date! The story is fairly cohesive and pretty easy to follow. The cinematography is far and way better than any of her previous films, the sound, even with the problems that are being addressed, is much better than her other films and the effects are great…for the budget. The storytelling is always the most difficult part of any film, so it's nice to see the thought that went into this. It's timely and topical. It's a modern-day Civil War ghost story! Finally a topic that is not done to death! It's also the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address…not an accident! But the part I like the most is the ancient Greek mythology at the center of it all! The story is simple; Civil War dude dies and has no coin for Charon to cross into the underworld, so he must deliver 100 souls to pay his fare…so basically, you can cross with a coin fare, or a Blood Fare. See where she was going with that! Solid, straight-forward story, but it does get a little dodgy at the end. Something got turned around and I'm not really sure what was going on, but up to that point it was pretty clear. Although, I did wonder how the FBI guys tied in. It seemed like they could have been dropped without hurting the story much, but they did add some extra color to the story. The camera work was quite good, the scenes in the ranger station were shot a little dark, but I think that they might have been going for a dark, other-worldly feel as evidenced by the Day/Night differential in the scenes with campers talking to the station. There were a lot of characters, but it was easy to see that the movie focused primarily on the Trout family. The performances were generally pretty good…some definitely better than others. The scale went from Gil Gerard on one end to Savannah Ostler on the other, but it very well could have been a directorial choice on the latter example. There were a couple of characters that stood out as being pretty over the top and could be a bit annoying at times, that didn't really bother me too much because it made their deaths much more satisfying. There seemed to be a real disparity from scene to scene with some of the performances, especially when people started dying. Someone would be overcome with grief/terror/anger in one scene and then seem totally over it moments later. I will say that it gave me a good chuckle whenever this happened. The music and effects were what brought the movie together. This has a solid soundtrack with lots of original music, penned and performed in part by none other than J.A. Steel herself! The Charon makeup was quite good and the death wounds were much better than expected. Instead of "…And now this person is dead…" you saw the cause and the gruesome aftermath. What was really nice is that all of the wound effects were practical, for this a nod goes to Chris Hanson. Cheesy low-rent digital blood effects are pretty much the standard for films in this budget level, so big props there for choosing not to do that! There was plenty of blood to be very clear about what happened without being a campy blood gag…and Summer's death (umm, spoiler alert, she dies...most of the characters die.) looked great. Overall, this is J.A. Steel's finest film to date! When this comes out be sure to grab a copy, a couple cases of PBR, invite a few friends over and enjoy this bloody treat!
  • Credited cast:
    Gil Gerard Gil Gerard - Professor Meade
    Michelle Wolff Michelle Wolff - Ranger Cherry
    Brandi Lynn Anderson Brandi Lynn Anderson - Tyler
    Bridget McManus Bridget McManus - Kayla
    Kim Sønderholm Kim Sønderholm - Professor Malick
    April Knight April Knight - Ranger Jo Dawson
    Savannah Ostler Savannah Ostler - Summer
    Brenden Whitney Brenden Whitney - Ash
    Adrian West Adrian West - Chad
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Jill Adler Jill Adler - Professor Wozinski
    Jamey Anthony Jamey Anthony - Geek Student
    Jessica M. Bair Jessica M. Bair - Hot Chick at Pool
    Scott Beringer Scott Beringer - Agent Jonas
    Micheline Erika Birkhead Micheline Erika Birkhead - Extra - Audience (as Micheline Birkhead)
    Luke Cudney Luke Cudney - Rex
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