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    • Author: Hulbine
    GNW Night Lite is the "Tonight show" formatted spin off of it's satirical partner, Good News Week. GNW and GNW Night Lite are by far the best satirical shows on Australian television. GNW and GNWE (Good News Weekend, same as GNWNL) were originally from the non-commercial station... the ABC. Unfortunately they were forced to make the move to Channel Ten (commercial station) in 1999, where they produced GNW and GNWNL. It managed to keep it's high level of satire which was good, but... in my opinion.. and i stress that it IS my opinion, it became too commercialised. Unfortunatly the show has it's finale this year (2000). It will be sad to see such a great programme go. Although, the show will be HUGE!!!!!!! *cheers*
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    • Author: Gold Crown
    This show was a very funny satire. It poked fun at recent entertainment news. This show was a "game show" where the contestants were various comedians, actors, actresses and singers from Australia and other countries. Hosted by Paul McDermott with Mikey Robbins and Julie Macrossin as the team captains. Regular comedy spots were performed by The Sandman and Flacco (two Australian character comedians). The show also included live music performances and live comedy performances. Sadly now this show has stood aside for the bigger, brighter and some say better 1 and a half hour Good News Week of 2000.
  • Series cast summary:
    Tanya Bulmer Tanya Bulmer - Herself 1 episode, 1999
    Alyssa-Jane Cook Alyssa-Jane Cook - Herself 1 episode, 1999
    Adam Couper Adam Couper - Himself 1 episode, 1999
    Yvette Duncan Yvette Duncan - Herself 1 episode, 1999
    Pippa Grandison Pippa Grandison - Herself 1 episode, 1999
    Jodie J. Hill Jodie J. Hill - Herself 1 episode, 1999
    Kim Hope Kim Hope - Herself 1 episode, 1999
    Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman - Himself 1 episode, 1999
    Jimeoin Jimeoin - Himself 1 episode, 1999
    Amanda Keller Amanda Keller - Herself 1 episode, 1999
    Matt King Matt King - Himself 1 episode, 1999
    Rhys Muldoon Rhys Muldoon - Himself 1 episode, 1999
    Bijou Phillips Bijou Phillips - Herself 1 episode, 1999
    Rod Quantock Rod Quantock - Himself 1 episode, 1999
    Glenn Tilbrook Glenn Tilbrook - Himself 1 episode, 1999
    Mark Trevorrow Mark Trevorrow - Himself 1 episode, 1999
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