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After being released from a mental institution, Milla is taken to her new home by her husband Gregor and their daughter Madleine. As they settle in the new house, Milla experiences a series of events, that may be supernatural or in her head. The key to this phenomenons are the holes in the wall, that keep constantly staring at her. Somehow she feels watched through the holes, that appear to breathe and replicate through the house - although Milla doesn't witness a ghost, she feels it. It tries to remind her of something long forgotten. As Milla's broken mind made her vulnerable and susceptible to whatever ghosts may haunt her house, it becomes more and more difficult, to say what is alive and what is an echo. In the end Milla finds out, that the ghosts are a manifestation of her pain, that has built the home she lives in.

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Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Dorkas Kiefer Dorkas Kiefer - Milla
Tobias Kay Tobias Kay - Gregor
Jerry Coyle Jerry Coyle - Father
Karin Kiurina Karin Kiurina - Mother
Aline Varty Aline Varty - Madeleine
Antony Neo Antony Neo - Doctor
Antonia Schuster Antonia Schuster - Office girl
Irina Scherb Irina Scherb - Eva, Doctor
Juliane Handschuh Juliane Handschuh - Office Boss
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