» » Закон Гарроу Episode #2.1 (2009–2011)

Short summary

Garrow is approached by the directors of the Liverpool Assurance insurance company to prosecute Captain Collingwood for insurance fraud. He threw overboard 133 African slaves whom he was transporting to Jamaica,allegedly to save supplies as he was off-course but the insurers claim this was caused by his poor seamanship. Then Garrow meets Gustavus Vassa,a freed slave who wants the charge altered to murder even though,in the law,slaves are classed as cargo and not persons. Garrow accepts Vassa's plaint and,backed by some surprising witnesses,makes the charge stick,though Collingwood is jailed and not hung.Lady Sarah has had a son,Samuel,but her jealous husband,Sir Arthur Hill,believes that Garrow is the father and turns her out of his house,planning to divorce her.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Andrew Buchan Andrew Buchan - William Garrow
Alun Armstrong Alun Armstrong - Southouse
Lyndsey Marshal Lyndsey Marshal - Lady Sarah Hill
Rupert Graves Rupert Graves - Sir Arthur Hill
Aidan McArdle Aidan McArdle - Silvester
Michael Culkin Michael Culkin - Judge Buller
Steven McNicoll Steven McNicoll - Constable Yardley
Anthony Bowers Anthony Bowers - Court Clerk
Charlene Boyd Charlene Boyd - Annie Christie
Victoria Balnaves Victoria Balnaves - Mary Christie
Benedict Sandiford Benedict Sandiford - Peter Gilbert
Martin Savage Martin Savage - Hugh Gilbert
Danny Sapani Danny Sapani - Gustavus Vassa
Colin Tierney Colin Tierney - James Kelsall
Jasper Britton Jasper Britton - Captain Colingwood
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