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An elderly shut-in, afraid of the outside world, confronts his literal demons when a malevolent spirit invades his house.

This film had been a dream project of writer/director Katreeva Phillips for many years. Nicholas Zebrun expressed interest in helping her write and produce the movie during their previous collaboration: Requiem for a Shallow Heart (2016).

Filmed in executive producer David Sowden's house. The same household had been used for another Nicholas Zebrun production: Variations on a High School Romance (2010).

Actor Francis Henry found it ironic that the title of the movie was named after his last name. The part had been written long before he was cast.

Directorial debut of Katreeva Phillips.

Cast and crew members where asked to bring excess garbage, boxes, trash, and assorted clutter to help turn the set into a true hoarder's house. The crew saw this as a chance to do some early Spring cleaning and brought accordingly, sometimes by the truck-full.

Although released after Cutthroat (2017), this was actually the first film directed by Katreeva Phillips. Technical problems kept the release date delayed for over a year after shooting was complete.

Although shot and partially edited in 2017, the hard drive on which Katreeva Phillips was editing the film crashed, causing a long delay in post-production. Thankfully, almost all the footage was salvageable and the narrative remained intact. Only a small snippet of dialogue and a few shots were lost.

Although the audience never learns the name of Henry's deceased wife, on set she was referred to as Evelyn, which was the working title for this movie. Actor Francis Henry used the idea of Evelyn's spirit haunting him as a way to anchor his character to the house, thus keeping inside at the end.

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Francis Henry Francis Henry - Henry
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