» » Doctors Stockholm Syndrome (2000– )

Short summary

Rob is sent to a safe house to guard Eddy Gallaccio and his girlfriend Amber,who are giving evidence against the militant anarchist collective to which they once belonged but they are under observation by others in the gang. There is an assault on the house and the gang members are caught but Amber turns out not only to be pregnant by Eddy but an undercover policewoman. At an army recruitment day Howard is charmed by glamorous officer Gina whilst Kevin looks in on his sick father.

Episode cast overview:
Adrian Lewis Morgan Adrian Lewis Morgan - Dr. Jimmi Clay
Dido Miles Dido Miles - Dr. Emma Reid
Simon Rivers Simon Rivers - Dr. Kevin Tyler
Vineeta Rishi Vineeta Rishi - Dr. Jas Khella
Ian Midlane Ian Midlane - Dr. Al Haskey
Nathan Wright Nathan Wright - Chris Reid
Ian Kelsey Ian Kelsey - Howard Bellamy
Jan Pearson Jan Pearson - Karen Hollins
Chris Walker Chris Walker - Rob Hollins
Kriss Dosanjh Kriss Dosanjh - Mo Khan
Victoria Pritchard Victoria Pritchard - Gina Williams
Justin Avoth Justin Avoth - Eddy Gallaccio
Keeley Forsyth Keeley Forsyth - Amber Lawson
Paul Loughran Paul Loughran - John Smith
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