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Short summary

Growing Strong is a story about a 15-year-old-girl named Lily who is emotionally and physically abused by her father - Wes. After yet another heated argument with Wes, Lily manages to escape her family home in Chicago and finds refuge at her grandmother's horse farm in Midway, Kentucky. Upon the arrival to the farm, Lily finds herself in a rather peculiar environment: her grandmother, Rosemarie, is a spiritual woman who meditates, eats a vegetarian diet, and reads metaphysical books. Despite the seemingly peaceful atmosphere, Lily is haunted not only by the constant threat of Wes coming after her, but also by the psychological effects of the abuse that manifest themselves in flashbacks and nightmares. Unable to deal with the anxiety, Lily turns to alcohol and drugs to repress and numb her emotions. Sam, a local boy whom Lily meets on the farm, becomes an accomplice as Lily plots her next move. The only thing that stands in a way of Lily's self-destruction is Rosemarie whose wisdom and...

Credited cast:
Sophie Thatcher Sophie Thatcher - Lily Strong
Samantha Doane Samantha Doane - Rosemarie Blythe
Daniel Bruington Daniel Bruington - Sam White
Andrzej Krukowski Andrzej Krukowski - Wes Strong
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sonny Burnette Sonny Burnette - Judge
Kristy Calman Kristy Calman - Dolores
Zola Giammasi-Scaman Zola Giammasi-Scaman - Young Lily
John Heffley John Heffley - Truck Driver
Chandra Michaels Chandra Michaels - Cathy Strong
Cathy Rawlings Cathy Rawlings - Sherri
Riley Sawin Riley Sawin - Young Dorothy
Mike Seely Mike Seely - Mr. Naszlo
Shawn Weston Thacker Shawn Weston Thacker - Featured Poetry Audience Member
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