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Set on the north eastern coast of India this unusual Indian film mixes the genres of Bollywood (the song) with a toght hard hitting look at Indian society looking at areas of women's place in Indian village society, cross dressing, rape and the history of Indian folk song. These provocitive issues are woven into a story using folk songs to tell the story and in one memorable scene poking fun at the Bollywood style musical number.

Milind Soman was the first choice from Nimal Pandey's role.

Sushila and Munni are the only chatacters names in the movie.

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    • Author: Cheber
    the movie is based on the sexuality of transvestite who happens to come in contact with a rape victim. The movie revolves around the relationship between these two people. The story is good except reintroduction of the villains out of nowhere in the end of the movie makes it little repetitive.While leaving minor details, the movie seems to have powerful reach into the human sexuality, and it seems to portray the power of women in a positive plight. Furthermore, the movie also explores the rights of the people who are not part of the mainstream society namely the gays and lesbians.The movie goes deeper into their emotions and how they also face discrimination from society for no fault of theirs.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Nirmal Pandey Nirmal Pandey - The Transvestite
    Sonali Kulkarni Sonali Kulkarni - The Girl
    Faiyyaz Faiyyaz - Madam
    Rekha Sahay Rekha Sahay - Bar Owner
    Nina Kulkarni Nina Kulkarni - Widow
    Haidar Ali Haidar Ali - Garage Owner
    Nandu Madhav Nandu Madhav - Abductor
    Nagesh Bhonsle Nagesh Bhonsle - Abductor (as Nagesh Bhosie)
    Rekha Sabnis Rekha Sabnis - Girl's Parent
    Sanjay Sharma Sanjay Sharma - Girl's Parent
    Kalyani Karandikar Kalyani Karandikar - Sushila's Husband
    Ganesh Yadav Ganesh Yadav - Jeep Driver
    Shezaad Shezaad - Rapist
    Brijesh Singh Brijesh Singh - Rapist
    Rajiv Mohanty Rajiv Mohanty - Rapist
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