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Après le sud (2011) watch online HD

Après le sud (2011) watch online HD
  • Original title:Après le sud
  • Category:Movie / Drama
  • Released:2011
  • Director:Jean-Jacques Jauffret
  • Actors:Adèle Haenel,Sylvie Lachat,Ulysse Grosjean
  • Writer:Jean-Jacques Jauffret
  • Budget:€1,500,000
  • Duration:1h 28min
  • Video type:Movie

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Short summary

On a sweltering day in the south of France; an alluring girl; her troubled boyfriend; her mysterious mother and a gruff neighbor collide in tragedy as their secrets lead to a series of shocking events.

User reviews

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    • Author: Malalanim
    At first sight ,"Apres Le Sud" would display a Robert Guédigian influence: location in the South of France,average persons,whose paths meet ...

    But further acquaintance shows it is not so: Guédigian's hope against hope and shades of optimism have disappeared . "Après Le sud" is a somber work Under the bright sun and the blue sky of French South.

    The four characters seem to have lost their illusions ;the obese mother stuffs herself with Arab pastries while trying a medical treatment:she will remind you of Ellen Burstyn's desperate struggle with food in "requiem for a dream".Her daughter is a clerk in a supermarket ,a place she finds stifling :she's pregnant by a young Italian,Luigi ,himself a loser , who never succeeds in talking this over with her before the tragedy .The last character is a grumpy lonely old man who seems educated and who appreciates classical music.There's a scene where he is strip-searched in the supermarket by two hateful managers who humiliate him and whose behavior is really beyond the pale:taunting an incontinent old man,who is twice older than them! All this and more leads to an irreparable drama ,with a final scene recalling that of Pasolini's "Mamma Roma" .

    Too bad the director succumbed to a contemporary vice: non-linear story,flashbacks,flash forwards,scenes showed twice (the latter would be interesting if we had a different point of view).This might be a little off-putting for the audience .

    Nevertheless " Après Le sud" gets off the beaten track and thus can be considered an estimable work.

    Dedicated to Cyril Collard ("Les Nuits Fauves ",1992)
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Adèle Haenel Adèle Haenel - Amélie
    Sylvie Lachat Sylvie Lachat - Anne
    Ulysse Grosjean Ulysse Grosjean - Luigi
    Yves Ruellan Yves Ruellan - Georges
    Julien Bodet Julien Bodet - Stéphane
    Hubert Colas Hubert Colas - Le père de Luigi
    Sylvette Loisy Sylvette Loisy - La cliente
    Jacques Jauffret Jacques Jauffret - Le chauffeur de taxi
    Arnaud Meunier Arnaud Meunier - L'agent SNCF
    Alain Lelouch Alain Lelouch - Vigile
    Rémi Pedevilla Rémi Pedevilla - Vigile
    Louise Belmas Louise Belmas - La caissière
    Isalinde Giovangigli Isalinde Giovangigli - La cliente énervée
    Steve Barbe Steve Barbe - Client
    Anne-Constance Beaux Anne-Constance Beaux - Cliente
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