» » Dan August The Law (1970–1971)

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Retired Judge Anderson lives with his daughter and son-in-law. The judge, who may be suffering from early-onset Alzheimer's disease, is increasingly paranoid and tormented. One day, the daughter asks the son-in-law to take the judge for a drive. Both agree. As the son-in-law drives through open country with the judge in the back seat, they notice a car behind them getting ready to pass. The son-in-law slows down. As the car comes alongside, the judge suddenly whips out a revolver and fires three times point-blank through the window. The other car careens wildly into a field, tearing up grass and small trees before it comes to rest against the stump of a huge ancient tree struck by lightning years earlier. The incredulous son-in-law drives to the nearest town and calls for help. Dan August and his crew come out and find the driver of the other car dead from the judge's bullets. The judge admits to sneaking the gun because he was sure he was going to get "whacked," and firing at the ...

Episode cast overview:
Burt Reynolds Burt Reynolds - Lt. Dan August
Norman Fell Norman Fell - Sgt. Charles Wilentz
Ned Romero Ned Romero - Sgt. Joe Rivera
Richard Anderson Richard Anderson - Chief George Untermeyer
Ena Hartman Ena Hartman - Katy Grant
Walter Pidgeon Walter Pidgeon - Judge Anderson
Larry Hagman Larry Hagman - Art Lewis
Lee Meriwether Lee Meriwether - Miranda Lewis
Jared Martin Jared Martin - Julian Rush
Don Hanmer Don Hanmer - Robert Jenkins
Ted Gehring Ted Gehring - Barkeep
Peter Dawson Peter Dawson - Pawnbroker
Ian Sander Ian Sander - Clerk
Morris Buchanan Morris Buchanan - Raymond Welles
John Yates John Yates - Harris
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