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Short summary

THIS IS OUR STORY... Many stories begin with the words "Once upon a time." But this story, which is our story, begins with "In the beginning." And it comes from the most celebrated book of all time: The Bible. The Animated Kid's Bible begins with the 'Genesis' account of creation, and continues with stories from the entire Bible, bringing to life both the Old & the New Testaments. The world's first animated Bible in its entirety: challenges, lives and exploits of faith-hero characters from kings to priests & Prophets. From the Garden of Eden to David the Shepherd-boy's battle with the Philistine giant, Goliath: The visual majesty of King Solomon and his magnificent temple: The mystique of the Ark of the Covenant, and finally, the life of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Paul the Apostle and the early disciples. Tales of victory, rejection, treachery, courage, conflict, love & war!

Credited cast:
Andrew Carlton Andrew Carlton - Nimrod / Simeon / Aaron / Moses (voice)
Alex Chiddy Alex Chiddy - Ham / Shem / Foreman / Pharaoh / Jethro (voice)
Andy Duncan Andy Duncan - Noah / Townspeople / Architect / Zoser / King Chedorlaomer / Jacob / Aaron (voice)
Sarah Encel Sarah Encel - Namaah / Dinah / Midwife (voice)
Trent Fairweather Trent Fairweather - Cain / Levi (voice)
Griffin Ford Griffin Ford - Baby Ishmael (voice)
Adam Gelin Adam Gelin - Lot / Hanoch / Captain / Nadab (voice)
Martin Guiot Martin Guiot - King of Sodom / Potiphar / Pharaoh Rameses / Joshua (voice)
Samantha Kantor Samantha Kantor - Narrator (voice)
Sam Kennedy Sam Kennedy - Adam / Abel / Japheth / Joseph / Sheni (voice)
Nick McKay Nick McKay - God / Abraham (voice)
Brendan Miles Brendan Miles - Captain / Esau (voice)
Richard Morris Richard Morris - Lot's Shepherd / Scout / Pharaoh's Captain / Hezron / Zohar / Hushim (voice)
Stella Rankin Stella Rankin - Serpent / Nerad / Elisheba / Ashtik / Angels / Rebekah (voice)
David Richards David Richards - Villain / Egyptian Official and Leader / Judah / Magician / Mahli / Amalek Leader / Shimra (voice)
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