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Sketch Comedy series, predominantly featuring send-ups and impersonations, but with the occasional original sketch.

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    • Author: Benn
    Only an Aussie like the guy who posted the last comment would be so down on a show from his own country that's as good as this. There's a reason it's so darn popular, bozo - that's because it rocks.

    This is easily the best Australian sketch comedy show in a long time. I wasn't too keen on the first couple of series of 'Comedy Inc', but in a later time of 10.30pm, its totally come into its own.

    'Ernest the engine car' and 'Matt and Bray' are some of the funniest, best performed/voice, best written things I've ever seen on television from anywhere. Not to get too carried away, but this is one Australian comedy show that's truly world class. I've read it's coming back in 2006 and I can't wait!
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    • Author: fire dancer
    All the people I know who love watching Aussie comedy on TV agree there are only two things worth watching at the moment - Chris Lilley's 'We Can Be Heroes' and this sketch show, which is frankly even funnier than 'Heroes'.

    This show has lasted long enough on air (now in its 3rd series) to finally become a fantastic show. Comedy fans seem to agree series 1 was one of the absolute worst things ever on Aussie comedy television. Series 2 was a lot better but still patchy, which is pretty surprising given it was only about 10 episodes long.

    Finally, they've got it right in this series. Everything about it has improved, the acting and the production quality, but most importantly the writing. It's just so consistently well written and clever I sometimes can't believe it, especially when the series is so long. I loved 'Fast Forward' and some of the other commercial station comedy shows, but even though some of them had great casts and stars like Shaun Micallef ('Full Frontal' for example), none of them had writing as good as this. My favourite would have to be 'Ernest the Engine Car', which is one of the most scandalously funny things I've ever seen on any TV show, but there's plenty of other great stuff besides.

    Hope there's a DVD of this series soon, can't wait for it.
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    • Author: Ubranzac
    I watched the premiere of this episode as there was nothing on at the time and I didn't regret it. This show was very funny and well written.

    The cast members are excellent actors and the scenes and skits are well written. Mind you that there are a couple of unfunny and very gross skits, the show is a wise crack.

    The show makes fun of many different celebrities, music video clips (which they re write lyrics to) and shows such as CSI, 24, Rove Live and All Saints. This show easily beats out other new sketch shows skitHOUSE and Big Bite.

    If you are looking for a good laugh, i suggest that you watch this. It is hilarious and funny. Rating: A
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    • Author: LONUDOG
    Oh man, I just can't stop laughing. I rolled around on my couch for ages. I mean 'McClouds Sons'? How do they get away with it? 'The Banal' instead of the Panel? Nothing's sacred!!!!!! Be scared? You should be. You better be on the lookout. If you're on TV be wary these comedy geniuses are out to get you. Rove better be on the lookout they're taking him on. That guy who used to be on Totally Full Frontal, the guy from Hey Dad and that Ugly, Ugly, Ugly Lady are the most brilliant satirists in the WORLD!! Not just in Australia! THE WORLD! Oh they're SOOOO FUNNY. I just LOL! everytime I even see those Wacky opening credits. THE CRAZIEST AND BEST AND FUNNIEST AND MOST EXTREME AND OUT THERE AND OUT OF CONTROL AND BITING AND OH IVE JUST RUN OUT OF EXTREME AND BITING WORDS BUT IF I HAD THEM, I'D USE THEM. Brilliant Satire.
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    • Author: Vertokini
    I can't believe the last person on here posted a review of this show rubbishing it. Comedy Inc is easily (only being threatened by Welcher and Welcher) the best Australian comedy show of 2003.

    Finally, six years after Full Frontal ended and was replaced with the less clever humour (and probably why it was cancelled after one season) of Totally Full Frontal, we finally have a sketch comedy show not afraid to parody actual people, places, products and other television shows. The show has been cleverly written and acted, not being afraid to push the public opinion of the Australian public forward into the spotlight (the Anti-Terrorism p**s-takes, Anti-Iraq war sentiment) which shows like Skithouse have avoided.

    Not only does this writing allow for many jokes to remain subtle and keep coming back to you, it allows for easy direction and acting which shows like Skithouse obviously lack. Although now slowly coming to the end of a season and running out of new ideas, it still remains far in front on other shows for being consistently funny.

    I can't wait for the DVD to come out. 8/10.
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    • Author: Mbon
    When I first tuned into "Comedy Inc.", I wasn't sure what to expect. A re-hash of "Fast Forward"? (Michael Veitch is one of Comedy Inc's writers). Maybe a re-make of "The Comedy Company"? Or (shudder) something akin to it's contemporary rival "Skithouse"? What I found was a show that hit the mark, made pointed comment on current issues and had me rolling in the aisles (or at least off the couch) with mirth.

    I missed the first two episodes (which I understand was probably a good thing, as the show took its time to find its stride), but episode number three got me hooked from the first sketch. The main cast (Genevieve, Paul, Mandy, Ben, Emily and Jim) are brilliant, all relative unknowns, but with such great timing and comic talent that you can't help but enjoy their work and become a fan. The team of writers are great, with some really good ideas that truly deliver. Some of the sketches aren't my cup of tea, but let's face it folks - they are trying to fill a whole hour every week! You can't expect pure gold every minute of air time!

    The previous comments about canned laughter is an understandable assumption (I mean how many sitcoms have we watched that use exactly that technique?), but its a misconception. I finally got tickets to go to the live taping of the show, which happens every week (one of the advantages of living in Melbourne!), and know that they use the live audience laughter, not only in the live sketches, but also in the pre-recorded ones as well. How do I know? Because, between the live sketch set-ups, they showed us the tapes of the sketches filmed during that week at various other locations, with the warning that the microphones on the audience were live to record our response. Needless to say, it was even funnier watching the cast work in front of a live audience, and by the time the evening was over, my admiration for their professionalism and ability was even greater (if that was possible).

    All up, this show offers something for everyone's sense of humour. I watch it with my flat-mate (who is hard pushed to laugh at anything) and even he manages to chuckle at it occasionally. Sometimes it's pointedly cynical - American Newscaster: "There was alarm today at the Whitehouse when a foreign object was found lodged in the seat of President Bush's trousers. It was later discovered to be the Australian Prime Minister, Mr John . somebody", sometimes just plain silly - Nathan (from High 5) singing the "Wibble Wibble" song, other times just gross (arms being cut off, etc), occasionally its very classy - Catherine Zeta Jones singing "All That Cash" (a parody on "All That Jazz"), but at all times it's a good way to escape into an alternate reality that will give you some good laughs along the way.

    Yes, they parody existing people, but there are also some new characters as well. The Sports Commentator Noofa Murphy had me laughing so hard it hurt, and the three characters on the youth show "The Big Loud" were hysterical (which I saw on the night I went to the studio taping). I expect that this show will only get better and better as time goes on, and I hope that Channel 9 run with it for another season, and another and another. We all need the laughs.

    As their slogan says: "Be scared . nothing's sacred". In my opinion, Comedy Inc. is aptly titled and executed, and exactly what Australian comedy should be.
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    • Author: Alister
    The 16 year old first season is not dated and still very funny. Even when SNL was funny, it was all topical humor that had a short shelf life. This show is up there with The State and Mr. Show. If you didn't know it was old you could never tell by watching it. This is a show that you need to see.
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    • Author: Nalmezar
    This show is an underrated, true comedic gem from Down Under. To use a cliché, there really is (was) nothing quite like it. It features a wide range of subject fare, including parodies of contemporary television, historic spoofery, and frequently, highly inventive twists on daily life.

    Many of the premises have hilariously unexpected payoffs. The writing is some of the best in recent years, and the cast and performances are superb. I can't praise this enough - it really sets a unique and clever bar for modern comedy.

    From quick blackouts to full sketch pieces, there is much on offer here. If you are a comedy connoisseur who appreciates a wide range of wit and unique angles, this should hit the mark more often than not. Highly recommended.
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    • Author: Mogelv
    This load of rubbish is the worst sketch comedy ever. I've watched it 3 times now, in the hope of coming across at least 1 funny sketch, but the show has continually failed to make me laugh or even smile. Complete crap.

    Stupid sketches about the most obvious subject matter. Yeah, lets make jokes about Michael Jackson.. we all know he's weird. Idiots.

    All these people should try a different line of work, something unrelated to comedy. Leave the funny stuff to the real talent, like Shaun Micallef.
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    • Author: Ttyr
    This show is simply unfunny. In the 6-month-ish period it has been running for, there has been only one slightly funny sketch - ONE I tell you.

    When I first saw it advertised on TV, I was looking forward to it, but when I first sat down to watch it, the first sketch went past, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, etc........................., and afterwards, I thought to myself, "Have I Missed Something?".

    This show which claims to be a "comedy" - watch it if you must, but if not just read a book when it comes to Wednesday night.
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    • Author: Fast Lovebird
    Austalia again tries really hard to make a good sketch comedy but still does not make it.

    Years ago with fast forward and full frontal, they were funny. But now with sketch show comedies as comedy inc, skit house and big bite have really gone downhill. skit house and big bite both had only 1 or 2 good sketches but the rest was pathetic. Comedy inc was crap all together. I am glad skit house and big bite are not on anymore and have learnt their lesson that they are not funny.

    I decided to watch the late shift because nothing else was on. After 10 mins of it, i could not stand it anymore. The jokes are stupid, not funny at all, sometimes they go over the top on the jokes and do not know when to stop. it just drags on and on and on. Also really bad impersonations of celebrities.

    If you want Aussie shows with funny humor, watch shows with shawn micallef in it.

    The writers of these Aussie sketch shows should be fired or should learn from the British on how their sketch shows are really funny such as "the sketch show" "deadringers" "the fast show" etc.
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    • Author: spark
    Channel 9's fight against the other network's comedy shows. It delivers some good sketches that leave laughing so hard that I have teary eyes. The idea of "Bloke Man" and the lawyer who's living next door to the rowdy neighbours. They're both bloody fantastic! They have their video clip send ups which are very classy as well. A bit similar to what is on Channel 7's Big Bite, which I must say is a complete flop in comparison to Comedy Inc and Skithouse.

    But there are a few of their sketches that provide some very poor taste. I remember about a year or two ago, they had Harry's Practice going to visit a human guinea pig. The bit where they bring in the anthrax being tested just killed it! Anthrax is such a delicate topic that a lot of city people wouldn't understand. It's a disease which has caused farmers a lot of strife. There are some other sketches that are poor taste with that.

    Comedy Inc. have done some jokes that have been very mild. I couldn't get a laugh out of it unless I was drunk. Which makes other sketch shows like, "The Sketch Show" and Australia's "Fast Forward" and "Full Frontal" look far more superior... and they are of course.
  • Series cast summary:
    Paul McCarthy Paul McCarthy - Various Characters 95 episodes, 2003-2007
    Jim Russell Jim Russell - Various Characters 95 episodes, 2003-2007
    Emily Taheny Emily Taheny - Various Characters 95 episodes, 2003-2007
    Katrina Retallick Katrina Retallick - Various Characters 75 episodes, 2003-2006
    Mandy McElhinney Mandy McElhinney - Various Characters 75 episodes, 2003-2006
    Genevieve Morris Genevieve Morris - Various Characters 75 episodes, 2003-2006
    Ben Oxenbould Ben Oxenbould - Various Characters 52 episodes, 2003-2006
    Gabriel Andrews Gabriel Andrews - Various Characters 52 episodes, 2003-2006
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