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After Eli's father dies, he refuses to cross over without seeing his wife, opening up a Pandora's box of family and friend complications that Eli's mother had taken with her into death.

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    • Author: watching to future
    This episode is a good example of how a veteran actor as guest star can steal the show. Barry Newman, whose own series, "Petrocelli," ran decades ago, owns this. Granted, the writers give him the best lines, and he knows how to deliver them. But, this isn't all laughs. The dénouement, another example the writers' ability to throw out red herrings, treats an issue which brings seriousness to the episode.

    I agree that Season 5 was not the greatest, especially with the focus changing to the son, but this one managed to pretty much leave him out, and was thus reminiscent of earlier seasons.
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    • Author: Gandree
    We all talk about various TV series jumping the shark. GW has been preparing to jump the shark for awhile now, ever since Melinda'a dead husband jumped into another man's dying body. With this episode, GW took a massive leap over the shark. The wonderful Jay Mohr had played a professor of the paranormal for a season or two, and grew on the viewers. Suddenly, he was gone and replaced by a guy who cannot act or even speak properly, and has a face for radio, a face only a mother could love. His name is Jamie Kennedy, a former standup comedian and host of a forgettable Candid Camera-type TV show. Here, he plays a college teacher who can hear the dead talk. As the seasons have progressed, Kennedy has come to play a much larger role on the show, to the point where he's on screen more than the Melinda's sad sack of a husband, who is now a medical intern and thus working even more hours than when he was in his original body and worked as an EMT. This major shift might be OK if Kennedy could act and didn't look like Quasimodo on a bender. So what gives? Well, it is my understanding Kennedy is Hewitt's real-life boyfriend. And Hewitt produces the show. Get it? In this episode, Kennedy's dead parents gang up on him and each other. Mom has a deep dark secret and Dad is an eternal bully. Kennedy's nerdy character is caught in the middle, and he is front and center throughout this maudlin story. The episode was simply appalling. And there is no question the shark has been jumped. Fortunatgely, NBC's LAW & ORDER is now on in the same time slot on the same night. Hail and farewell, GW!
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt - Melinda Gordon
    David Conrad David Conrad - Dr. Sam 'Jim' Lucas
    Christoph Sanders Christoph Sanders - Ned Banks (credit only)
    Jamie Kennedy Jamie Kennedy - Professor Eli James
    Camryn Manheim Camryn Manheim - Delia Banks (credit only)
    Barry Newman Barry Newman - Ray James
    Christine Estabrook Christine Estabrook - Evelyn James
    Debra Monk Debra Monk - Anne Sullivan
    Barry Bostwick Barry Bostwick - Don Sullivan
    Jolie Jenkins Jolie Jenkins - Casey Sullivan
    Connor Gibbs Connor Gibbs - Aiden Lucas
    Brian Avery Brian Avery - Young Ray
    Tara Killian Tara Killian - Young Anne
    Amie Farrell Amie Farrell - Young Evelyn
    Oliver Keller Oliver Keller - Young Don
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