» » Cuvee (2012)

Short summary

Set in present day in the Golan Heights wine country, we find Ezra (Jewish, Israeli), a gifted but struggling winegrower and Kazim (Muslim/Syrian), an ex-shopkeeper and a wine newbie with adjoining vineyards separated by a single large acacia tree where both are forced to find shade during the midday sun. Kazim has just outbid Ezra for the land which he won at auction. Politically,ethnically and religiously polar opposites, both men are under financial duress to make their respective wine businesses work. Ezra believes this can happen through buying Kazim's land from him and Kazim believes he can do this through more modern techniques and growing methods.

Cast overview:
Hossein Mardani Hossein Mardani - Kazim
Doug Power Doug Power - Ezra
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