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Short skits based on the cut away gags from the show Family Guy.

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    • Author: Akta
    This is a dumping ground for the non-sequitur gags that fail to make it into the final scripts for Family Guy before every sketch just read the title and picture Peter saying "That's nearly as weird as (insert title)".Why does Seth think animals acting like people is funny enough as a joke to stand on its own? The Ducks watching meet the parents is a good example them being Ducks doesn't make the dialogue funny your just expected to laugh because its ducks (how ceraazy). Oh and the Bob Marley police interrogation is probably the most obvious boring joke I've ever seen told in a non ironic fashion.

    In closing its dull, repetitive and pretty much makes me question how much Seth Macfarlane is responsible for the truly funny moments of American Dad and earlier episodes of Family Guy.
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    • Author: Gamba
    Sorry guys, I really like American dad and family guy as well and I certainly thought that this will be a lot of fun but god 14 one-two minute episodes and they were totally stupid. All movies were just trivial jokes if any jokes at all!! I OK I agree the episode with the frog and the princesses began as nice joke but it really ended like crap - literally! The episode with the cats.... seriously for a two minute and less I almost fell asleep and the ending - a dog with a crane for demolishing - not even funny especially when you see it trough 2/3 of the episode preparing for the final blow. Super Mario episode - crappy ending as well although I did not suppose they'd show the decapitation of the princess. Well thats about it - if you have 10 minutes you can watch it but don't expect much.
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    • Author: Yggfyn
    I have read many reviews of this title and concluded that you will either love most of the skits or hate them all.

    If you are not thick-skinned, not dirty-minded and are offended easily, do not watch this title. It IS very vulgar, but personally I can see through it to appreciate the sense of humor.

    The skits range from multiple "Sex with ________" skits to a sheep REALLY enjoying being sheered (shorn) {watch it and you'll see what that's about} Do not let the kids watch this.

    If I haven't scared you off, I also recommend watching it in 20 minute increments. All of the skits have the feel of Family Guy when they do the "That's like that one time where ____________ did _____________" flashback things. Watching that for an hour got a little tedious.

    So, if you're still interested after watching this, enjoy.
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    • Author: Urtte
    This is honestly Seth MacFarlane's attempt at trying to keep his name alive in the pop culture world. He has launched American Dad and the recently upcoming Cleveland Show from his success with Family Guy. Mainly his reasoning is due to Family Guy becoming somewhat not as funny lately. The show is really attempting too hard with episodes that parody Stephen King movies. Anyway Seth released this on DVD, stating that it was more vulgar than Family Guy. Now I do think that some vulgar material, if done right, can be funny. This on the other hand was over the top vulgar and didn't appear that funny. The skits were just random. Some were partially humorous, but for the most part I felt that he was trying to grab the shock value from the audience by having a gay Candadian flight attendant screw a Monkey from Africa. Some were just honestly pointless.

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    • Author: Kahavor
    In the world of animated comedy, Seth MacFarlane is probably the busiest at the moment. Not only is he behind three prime-time shows ('Family Guy', 'American Dad', 'The Cleveland Show') he also does voice work for 'Robot Chicken' (the side-project of his 'Family Guy' cast-mate Seth Green).

    The 'Cavalcade' was originally broadcast in 2008 in an online format. Away from commercial pressures, Seth uses this freedom to deliver sketches with an abundance of swearing, violence, sex scenes/references and gross-out moments, as well as the usual pop-culture reference : The Flinstones, Super Mario Bros, Looney Tunes, as well as – surprise, surprise - a number of eighties movies) and you get the feeling it's something he wanted to do for a while. The style of humour is far more vulgar than 'Family Guy', and at times seems there purely for shock value, lacking the cleverness (and nostalgia value) of 'Robot Chicken'. The problem is, in a society desensitized to all but the most explicit content,it's hard to get away with shock value for the sake of it. Most of the punchlines tend to be fairly predictable (a depressed Wile E. Coyote turns to Jesus, a horse in a bar is actually Sarah Jessica Parker, Helena Bonham Carter is mistaken for a corpse etc).

    It's fair to say this collection could even pass as a montage of 'Family Guy' cut-away gags, especially with a lot of 'Family Guy' voice talent (including MacFarlane, Alex Borstein and Green), and guest appearances from Gilbert Gottfried and Will Wheadon, both playing themselves. Gottfried's performance is a highlight, willingly taking the mickey out of himself.

    Overall, 'Cavalcade' is not one of Seth MacFarlane's best works. While you can appreciate it is a passion project for him, fans of his previous work have seen it all before (or variants of it) and the reliance on shock value doesn't have the same impact.
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    • Author: IGOT
    I'm a fan of Family Guy and found these skits to be extremely funny. Seth MacFarlane is infamous for coming up with fart jokes and/or crude sex jokes randomly, but this collection of his extra cutaway gags are hilarious. Don't expect a brilliant story 'cause there is no plot. It's just a bunch of random skits that MacFarlane came up with. For that, I respect what he's done.

    If you're expecting something with logic, turn away. This collection is very funny, although not for everyone. I think MacFarlane tackles the parody and satire very well, the punchlines usually hit home-run. Take it for what it is and you'll have a straight hour laughing frequently.
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    • Author: TheSuspect
    I would never pay for such a thing. The gags are not even funny. Some of the clips are just characters giving their opinions on old movies.

    Sorry Seth, there are enough critics on the web, I don't need to know which movies you didn't like when you were a teenager in the 80's.

    You are trying to sell this junk by saying it's more vulgar than Family Guy. But, vulgarity doesn't mean funny at all. There's got to be something more than that.

    I am really glad that I didn't pay for this trash. And we really don't need to know your opinion about everything. If you absolutely need to give it anyway, try to do it in a funny way.
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    • Author: Gir
    Do not get me wrong, I am a huge Family Guy fan but this DVD of random crap seth macfarlane slapped together was complete garbage. Granted, it did have a very small number of hilarious sketches but all in all the sketches were terribly unfunny. Had I payed more than $5 for this movie that i found floating in the 'bargain bin' at walmart, I would have been very upset, (especially since you can't return opened DVDs to walmart for a cash refund) but alas it was only $5 and a small period of my life wasted that I will never get back which I guess isn't too bad. I just felt compelled to warn other Family Guy fans to steer clear of this DVD.
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    • Author: Sti
    In 2008, Seth MacFarlane realized that Family Guy's revival and American Dad were not enough to help support his expensive lifestyle. Before The Cleveland Show, he made an entire 50-episode web series based on cutaway gags removed from Family Guy. Despite having the same professional TV animation budget as Family Guy, it does not have to abide by any network standards and it can have as many curse words as they want.

    I think most of this is okay if you're old enough to enjoy it. Some are funny, but there are also some disturbing shorts with blood, deaths, and there are also 2 shorts with poop and 2 shorts with nudity. It really depends on what sense of humor you have, but there are also a few shorts that are too cruel for most people to find them funny. My most favorite episodes were the Scotsman yelling at stupid movie characters, the gay knight, the glass house, Barry Gibb singing on the roller coaster, and 10 things you never hear, like "Stressed Eric is a comedic masterpiece!" That's just 1 I thought up myself. It wasn't 1 of those things they said.
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    • Author: Hallolan
    Seth MacFarlanes Cavalcade. Well what can I say it's Seth MacFarlane,a comedic genius for todays and yesterdays generation people who don't find his sense of Humour funny, don't have one.

    These clips are what lots of people are thinking but no one has said aloud.

    These ideas, and i say ideas as they are not beliefs, could make the next big thing in cartoon animation, for no real person has the balls to say it.

    If your still unsure if you would like this show? "Family Guy" (127 episodes, 1999-2009) "American Dad!" (79 episodes, 2005-2009)

    If you enjoyed just 1 episode of these than his humour is for you and I would recommend this for you
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    • Author: Ballardana
    I actually could not agree more. I find the you tube clips funnier since they are not as apparently offensive as the DVD versions. E.g. "Haha! Douchebags!" is way more funnier than "Haha! Assholes" (which isn't that funny at all). I am a huge fan of Family Guy and American Dad but Cavalcade took away all the mystery. It is equivalent to Cartman getting away with all his profanity. It just wouldn't be as funny. Now don't get me wrong, I laughed out loud at several occasions during Cavalcade but I never felt that subtle "spark". This has made me realize that networks actually can make a comedy series "better" only by being restricted to government influences.

    But, would I buy the DVD? I would most definitely do.
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    • Author: Carrot
    I don't have very much to say regarding this series, so I'll keep things short. This was almost unwatchable.

    The jokes simply aren't funny, at all. Some of the jokes fail to even have a setup and/or punch line. The writing is lazy, not mixing in any creative humor and giving audiences exactly what they think is going to happen. This is also supposedly in the adult category as well. Involving several scenarios entitled Sex with ____, something that is clearly not supposed to be for kids, yet only they would find remotely funny. It's hard to say things simply aren't funny, but this is one of the few instances where I feel completely comfortable saying it.

    This was an abomination. Not even so bad it's good either, just so bad it's unwatchable. I would say don't even give this thing a try and stay as far away from it as possible.
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    • Author: Gelgen
    It must've been a painful evening for the crowd that went to the release of this trash-bucket. I'm a huge fan of Family Guy and American Dad. I think it's some of the most brilliant cartoon humor around. This, however was base, crude, sophomoric and flat-out embarrassing. If I was at the premiere, I'm sure I would have had to leave. I was truly deeply shocked at the difference in tone between FG, AD, and this. Also, Seth M. continually, obnoxiously jumps up and down on, and smashes the toes of Christian believers with ever-present offensive references to Jesus and God. God in bed with his "girlfriend" and because it's His birthday, he wants to skip the condom. NOT FUNNY. Let's see you make a caricature of Mohammed. See what happens. You do that to Christians because you know they won't fight back. McFarlane is his funniest when he just sticks to good ol' crazy "generally-offensive" humor, where every stereotype just gets whacked. Equal-opportunity discrimination, if you will.
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    • Author: Hystana
    The entire thing is either "Sex with a ________" (fill in the blank with whatever immature, idiotic thing you can think of), or penis, feces, and fart jokes. That about sums up the entire thing. I couldn't even watch it. In fact, I don't even think I like Family Guy anymore. Seth is just a sick, retarded individual. I actually feel sorry for him now. I really thought it might be funny, but it just isn't. I've laughed at some of the jokes in Family Guy, but it's now just so obvious that Seth just sits around thinking up very childish and crude things pretty much constantly. It's amazing that he's even capable of doing anything else. I'd rate this way below pathetic, if it were possible. I really tried to watch it, but it's so far beneath me, it was just impossible. If you think a complete lack of decency and dignity is always funny, then you'll love this. To anyone who has half a brain, I'd advise you not to waste your time on this one. You've been warned.
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