» » Di Atas Kanvas Cinta (2009)

Short summary

A well-known painter lost his passion towards painting. He needs a muse only to find that the muse comes with a huge mystery from the past.
Syahnagra, a well-known painter lost his passion towards painting. He needed a muse. One day as he was auditioning for a model, he met Keke, a beautiful, exotic and lively model. He gained his energy back only to find that he has fallen too deep for her. He became very possessive of her. Keke, on the other hand got into conflict with her jealous boyfriend. keke was in dilemma. Finally, Keke realized that there were some unknown energy that brought them together and she realized that she has fallen in love with the old painter. They were crazily in love for each other, many paintings were made as they visit many places, until one day a big mystery from the past resurfaced.

Credited cast:
Virda Anggraini Virda Anggraini - Herself
Keke Ansory Keke Ansory - Model
Gilang Gilang - Boyfriend of Keke
Kian Kuspratomo Kian Kuspratomo - Detective
Syahnagra Syahnagra - Himself
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