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An elderly wheelchair-bound woman develops a miraculous melon juice formula from her plants, and her greedy abusive son-in-law wants to steal it.

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    • Author: Bloodray
    While going to visited her elderly wheelchair bound mother, her daughter Shelia and her sleazy husband Nelson try to get her to loan them some money for his gambling debts, after a small fight ensues in which the woman leaves her wheel chair and seems to produce super human strength. It's later revealed that the enzymes of the melon's she is growing is what gives the person the ability. Nelson comes up with the idea to get rich off the serum, but, the old woman refuses so he decides to steal some with dire consequences...!

    I'm actually rather shocked that both the two other reviewers on here gave this one a mediocre rating with both saying its boring until the ending with one going as far to say it contains a Disney style plot. I'm not really sure about that, but, what I found her was a good story were they actually tried to flesh out the characters and give them some back story. There is actually a moment towards the end of the episode were the mother apologizes to her daughter for not paying enough attention to her as a young child because her and her father both had her when they were middle aged and were plant and insect fanatics. That's actually a good dose of character development in a series that doesn't have really any and runs at 21 minutes per episode. The cast play there roles all very well and convincing despite me not recognizing them other then Finn Carter who plays the daughter here also went on to play Rhonda in another giant worm movie "Tremors". The creatures witch are a bunch of small worms and a giant worm at the end, they look to be done with puppets and are fun and enjoyable. As usual there is just one setting which look to be just a normal house. Overall, I had a good time with this one I found the story well developed and the creatures very enjoyable and that's what I ask for most from these types of series.
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    • Author: Marinara
    The inclusion of a giant rubbery monster always lifts these episodes of the MONSTERS TV show, which sometimes has episodes with human monsters or no monsters at all which are pretty boring. THE MOTHER INSTINCT has a storyline about a woman developing a new muscle formula from fruit. Her family life is brought into danger thanks to the conniving actions of her son-in-law, who wants to use the formula to make his fortune.

    The storyline is low budget and predictable, with an obvious human villain and dull supporting characters. Still, the presence of a giant worm creature makes it surprisingly enjoyable; not great perhaps, but nonetheless a more memorable episode than many others.
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    • Author: Hudora
    Monsters: The Mother Instinct starts as lying, cheating, thieving & womanising Nelson (Tom Gilroy) persuades his wife Sheila (Finn Carter) to ask her well off mother (Elizabeth Franz) for money to help cover his debts, however she refuses & a fight ensues in which it comes to light that she has developed a special muscle energising serum from the enzymes of Melon's that gives whoever takes it super human strength for a short time. Sensing an opportunity to print money Nelson uses his gullible wife Shelia to find out the secret of the serum, when it's finally revealed Nelson wants it all for himself & Sheila finally sees him for what he really is but there is one last secret that Nelson hadn't bargained for...

    Episode fifteen from season one of Monster this originally aired in the US during February 1989, directed by Bette Gordon this is an alright episode of Monsters but nothing special. The Disney styled plot about a magic serum that gives an old lady super human strength & her pantomime villain son-in-law who wants it all for himself would probably be more suited as an episode of Tales from the Darkside (1984-1988) except that it has a huge slimy monster worm at the end which just about pushes it into horror territory & saves what otherwise would have been a fairly dull twenty odd minutes. The plot is a little silly, the twist's aren't great & at only twenty odd minutes in length not that much happens but I still found it watchable enough & a great big slimy monster worm turning up always helps. There's also a slight moral message here about protecting ones offspring, it's both mirrored in Sheila's mother & indeed the giant worm who both only seem to have their babies best interests at heart in a roundabout kind of way & that's obviously where the title The Mother Instinct comes from too.

    As usual for Monsters there's a monster here & it's a huge giant worm with a big mouth & lots of sharp teeth as well as lots of little slimy worms with big mouths & sharp teeth. The effects are alright but it's shown very briefly & in a cloud of smoke for some reason. There's nothing in the way of gore here in this one & not even much horror to be honest.

    Monsters: The Mother Instinct is another watchable episode that isn't amongst the show's best but still passes twenty odd minutes harmlessly enough & anyone into their horror anthology telly show's should like it.
  • Episode cast overview:
    Elizabeth Franz Elizabeth Franz - Mother
    Finn Carter Finn Carter - Sheila
    Tom Gilroy Tom Gilroy - Nelson
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