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A surreal sequence of images of nature and London, Ontario, life and death.

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    • Author: Yozshujinn
    I've decided that I like to be confused. When you don't know what you're seeing, you can no longer rely on your preconceptions because they're of no help. You end up seeing things from a much newer and fresher perspective than films which are easier to watch with clearly designated beginnings, middles, and ends.

    *The Hart of London* is a deeply confusing film. That's its strength. I found that I couldn't even guess at a meaning for what I was watching until a third of the way into the film. Then my hypothesis was challenged and revised at least three times more throughout the film. By the end, I came up with a theory for what I had just seen, but no definite conclusions. Of course, the best films are ones which leave you pondering long after the theater.

    What starts out as a nature=good and city=bad film ends up exploring the difficult but somewhat hidden nature of life in both city and forest. The "heart" of the film actually ends up being quite a spiritual one (at least for me) with something profound to say about man's relationship to the world around him which is at once both beautiful and foreboding. The last third of the film was one of the most difficult but rewarding experiences I've had to sit through in a theater.

    If you love to be confused as a way of experiencing something new, see this film.
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    • Author: PanshyR
    This film was more difficult to watch than any other film I have ever seen. The first half an hour is almost completely over-exposed, so that you can barely make out any images at all. After a while, you start to see things that aren't there. All of a sudden, you're treated to some of the most disturbing imagery I have ever seen in any movie (including Brakhage's The Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes), followed by serenity--a very strange progression. But it's worth seeing for the effect it has on your perception and understanding of yourself in relation to the filmmaker as he searches for the heart of London, Ontario.
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