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Marie Wilson leads a life of self-sacrifice with her inconsiderate sister. Florence, who fails to appreciate the importance of keeping the home in order and as Marie is the wage earner, her work is twofold. Arthur Tremayne, a blind musician in moderate circumstances, moves into the house where the sisters reside. They learn that he is ill and Marie prepares many delicacies for him. When he recovers, Tremayne returns the call and is impressed with the fact that one of the sisters is gentle and kind, while the other is extremely selfish. The young composer shows Marie an opera which represents his life work and the girl endeavors to brighten his existence by placing flowers in his room. One day Tremayne receives a letter which is read for him by the landlady's little daughter, Ella. The message is from a firm of producers who advise the composer that his opera has been accepted and a check for $1,000 is enclosed as advance payment. Happy over his success, Tremayne has Ella conduct him ...

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    • Author: Anarus
    Perfect photography helps this picture, which sets out with a very good situation, but falls into the old rut and has the blind composer's sight restored by the not very novel operation. The offering's weakness is the story, for in its clear, pleasingly acted presentation it has much artistic merit and a good deal of beauty. The opening scenes contrast the characters of two sisters, and we are kept deeply interested, knowing that if the blind composer chooses the wrong one it will be a tragedy for him; and we can see how the selfish girl might be able to hoodwink him into thinking her the most desirable of the two. But he gets well and the ending doesn't convince. Dixie Compton and Isabella Rea play the good and bad sisters; Tom Moore, the composer, and Adelaide Lawrence, the little girl. - The Moving Picture World, March 22, 1913
  • Cast overview:
    Tom Moore Tom Moore - Arthur Tremayne - the Composer
    Dixie Compton Dixie Compton - Marie Wilson
    Isabel Rea Isabel Rea - Florence Wilson
    Adelaide Lawrence Adelaide Lawrence - Little Ella
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