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  • Original title:LxIxVxE
  • Category:TV Series
  • Actors:Tatsuya Fujiwara,Kenji Harada,Mari Hoshino
  • Video type:TV Series

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Rating 6.5
Votes 153

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    • Author: Cae
    This Japanese drama is about High School students struggling obviously through their "hormone" years. I heard that this drama was made because of the popular ex J-pop group called "SPEED." They created this drama as some sort of a "good bye" to their fans.

    I give this Japanese drama a 7/10. The story is lacking, but it is entertaining. The songs were also great (seeing as the songs were obviously made by the singers/actors). The story is basically a high school band. The members of the band don't get along. But in the end they all become good friends... and lovers.

    If you like the J-pop band "SPEED," this movie is for you. The soundtrack is awesome. They're mostly instrumental/musical songs. So there's no lyric.

    The genre is family/drama/romance.
  • Series cast summary:
    Tatsuya Fujiwara Tatsuya Fujiwara 2 episodes, 1999
    Kenji Harada Kenji Harada - Seiichi 2 episodes, 1999
    Mari Hoshino Mari Hoshino 2 episodes, 1999
    Masatô Ibu Masatô Ibu 2 episodes, 1999
    Eriko Imai Eriko Imai 2 episodes, 1999
    Akiko Kinouchi Akiko Kinouchi 2 episodes, 1999
    Shion Nakamaru Shion Nakamaru 2 episodes, 1999
    Hitoe Niigaki Hitoe Niigaki 2 episodes, 1999
    Eriko Satô Eriko Satô 2 episodes, 1999
    Ko Shibasaki Ko Shibasaki 2 episodes, 1999
    Noriko Shiina Noriko Shiina 2 episodes, 1999
    Rina Uchiyama Rina Uchiyama 2 episodes, 1999
    Kimiko Yo Kimiko Yo 2 episodes, 1999
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