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Stacy Mitchell, a supermarket cashier living in Selby, hides her misery and upset with a happy persona. To the outsider her life is carefree, but her husband has left her. She wrestles with the pain by joking about it. Out for a works drinks night in a local pub, the pub comic Wilton Johnston heckled by her, invites her up to try it for herself. To the comic's amazement, she gets more laughs than him. Afterwards Wilton asks Stacy for a date but she turns him down. A few days later Wilton shows up at the supermarket and gets Stacy to agree to go with him to an open-mike club. She insists its not a date, she just wants to see if he uses the same material twice. At the club, Wilton gets Stacy to take the mike. This time its not so easy to get the audience to laugh. Afterwards she realises that there is more to being a stand-up than just getting up. Stacy starts to sketch out a stand-up routine that allows her to explore what she wants from life. By trial and error as a stand-up, the ...

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    • Author: Antuiserum
    A classic British comedy drama of social realism aka Ken Loach or Mike Leigh, but made in the style of an Allan Clarke film. It has beautiful light touches of tragedy mixed with the course humor of stand up, the subject matter of the movie. Suzanne Kendall, as the lead Stacey, gives a feisty performance as a supermarket girl who wants something better from life. Her support character mates are delightful parodies of Yorkshire hussies who provide the story with depth and warmth, and the one-liners Stacey uses in her act. The film is superbly shot and executed in the familiar English understated way that makes you realize that the clean cut frames are deliberate. Almost devoid of music, the film focuses on the use of words, the tool of the stand-up comic. A unique British film.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Suzanne Kendall Suzanne Kendall - Stacy Mitchell
    David Whitney David Whitney - Wilton Johnston
    Emmy Sainsbury Emmy Sainsbury - Lizzie
    Fiz Marcus Fiz Marcus - Maggie
    Steve Hay Steve Hay - Terry
    Dave Florez Dave Florez - Adam Thurrock
    Matt Prendergast Matt Prendergast - Ben Barington
    Dee Quemby Dee Quemby - Sandra
    Howard Corlett Howard Corlett - Compere Pete
    Mike Shephard Mike Shephard - Dave Donnelly (as Michael Shephard)
    Chris Bearne Chris Bearne - Arthur Douglas
    Francesca De Luca Francesca De Luca - Sonja
    Victoria Johnston Victoria Johnston - Comedy Fan
    Peter Quayle Peter Quayle - Alex Houston
    Richard Monist Richard Monist - Tommy Wheels
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