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Now safely returned to the Destiny, both Chloe and Dr. Rush are having nightmares about their period of captivity. Rush believes that the aliens are only after one thing - the Destiny itself. They find a tracking device attached to the underside of the ship and manage to destroy it. Rush and Camile Wray however are concerned at Col. Young's actions and decide to protect their own interests by forcing them to submit to civilian authority. Rush's attempt at getting control of the ship's and sealing off the military personnel in one part of the ship computer nearly results in Young and Lt. Scott's death. When the aliens reappear and once again attack the ship, Eli realizes how they were found.

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    • Author: Friert
    "SGU Stargate Universe" Episode Space is where the series stops dipping their collective toes in the water and starts swimming in the deep end. After watching Col. Young and Camile Wray butt heads for the power. We see the evil genius of Dr .Rush get physical, the teaming of Camile Wray and the scientists' vs the military.

    The battle between the scientists' vs the military. Col. Young has been fighting this issue since before they arrived on the ship. Also this issue has played out in every Stargate show.

    Now for my WTF moments; Chloe siding with Rush's team? The HR lady is leading the revolt? Camile Wray is playing both sides. The scientists don't see that Col. Young is looking out for all the people? Dr. Rush does not care about getting back to Earth? Why does it appear as if all the big brain scientists' loose their mind when ever there is trouble?
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    • Author: Swordsong
    This has to be one of the most unintelligent episodes so far an out of the blue mutiny insulting unintelligent dialog and unused plots. The plot is simple Dr Rush and Camille Wrayn stage a mutiny with every civilian crew member on the ship except Eli offcourse. It begins with Colonel Everett Young and Matthew Scott leaving the ship in a shuttle to remove a small ship attached to the hull of destiny, apparently it has been there for centuries and of the same type used by the race in the last episode anyway Dr Rush and Camille using the opportunity try to transfer ships controls to a laboratory in the ship, Eli who is in the control room is visited by Chloe Armstrong obviously to distract Eli (who knew she would let herself be used as a tool) but when Eli cant lock the shuttle in he soon finds that someone is trying to transfer control of the ship and starts locking the system some dialog is then transferred between the conspirators and Young, Scott, Eli and Chloe which ends with Chloe running to see Rush when she is told that the shuttle crew would be killed when the ship jumps in to hyperspace. More dialog is transferred and after a brief standoff Rush pauses the transfer so Eli can lock the shuttle and the remaining systems, Rush then locks down the ship during which Tamara Johansen and a crew member get trapped with the conspirators the crew member draws his pistol when the civilians would not let him pass the only gun in the area and the advantage and he gets a perfect opportunity to kill one of the main conspirators Wrayn but asks Tamara his apparent superior officer what to do and she says put your gun down something no one would do in that situation but he complies and both become hostages. More dialog is transferred and it is soon realised that Eli has control of the ships air supply and could cut it off in the conspirators area but Rush is un moved saying 'they occupied a larger part of the ship and that there is enough oxygen for them to hold out until Young's team dies of dehydration, but here is an unused plot Eli could have just flooded the area with carbon monoxide till every one passed out. More dialog and its decided to trade Eli for food and water but this is just a diversion as Rush wants Eli because of the restricted access and Young needs time to go on a space walk with Scott so they can gain access to the lockdown areas via the ships damaged hull and gain access for his men. Now the aliens from the previous episode turn up and start attacking the ship some more dialog between Rush and Eli revels that Rush has a homer planted in his chest next to his heart but Chloe doesn't as there is no scar by this stage Young has gained access and has let his men in and has made his way to Rush who confidently explains that it was nessicary to take the ship so all power could be transferred to the shields till the ship re-jumps into hyperspace in 2min or so, Rush's secret is reviled and it is decided to remove the homer which occurs later but is successful and the ship jumps into hyperspace and Wrayn says to Young that they need to work together acting like nothing happened and a smug as ever which really annoyed me and all civilian crew members are sent to their quarters (isn't mutiny punishable by death or life in prison) Chloe and Scott make eye contact and Scott is obviously hurt by Chloe's actions Chloe also looks disappointed and upset at hurting Scott but maybe she shouldn't have let herself be used in the first place what did she expect. Overall this is a terrible episode that insults the viewer the only decent part is when it is revealed that the conspirators are little more than cowards when Young's team subdues them one tried to act tough but when he was faced with being shot by Ronald Greer soon backed down another tried to run or attack a furious Vanessa James and simply gets a face full of her M4 butt. The writers should be ashamed!
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Robert Carlyle Robert Carlyle - Dr. Nicholas Rush
    Louis Ferreira Louis Ferreira - Colonel Everett Young
    Brian J. Smith Brian J. Smith - Lt. Matthew Scott
    Elyse Levesque Elyse Levesque - Chloe Armstrong
    David Blue David Blue - Eli Wallace
    Alaina Huffman Alaina Huffman - Lt. Tamara Johansen
    Jamil Walker Smith Jamil Walker Smith - Master Sgt. Ronald Greer
    Ming-Na Wen Ming-Na Wen - Camile Wray (as Ming-Na)
    Peter Kelamis Peter Kelamis - Adam Brody
    Alisen Down Alisen Down - Dr. Brightman
    Jennifer Spence Jennifer Spence - Dr. Lisa Park
    Anna Galvin Anna Galvin - Mrs. Armstrong
    Julia Benson Julia Benson - 2nd Lt. Vanessa James
    Patrick Gilmore Patrick Gilmore - Dr. Dale Volker
    Darcy Laurie Darcy Laurie - Airman Dunning
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