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While escaping the Pirates Peter and the Lost Boys fall into an Egyptian parallel universe where Hook is Pharaoh and his crew are servants. There they find their Egyptian counterparts who are slaves.

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    • Author: Brakora
    'Peter Pan and the Pirates' very quickly not only became one of my favourite animated shows but also one of my favourites ever. Of all the adaptations of 'Peter Pan', it's also my personal favourite.

    All the characters are not only interesting but remarkably complex, especially Hook, even when not looking like Barrie's Hook all the character traits of the character are fully explored and expanded upon. The show is advantaged furthermore by good animation (with some exceptions here and there). Great music particularly the theme tune, one of the best of any animated 90s show. Remarkably good writing that had real maturity and a wide range of emotions rare in animated shows today. Gripping and imaginative stories that maintain the spirit of Barrie's source material while expanding on the themes, events and characterisation. And really excellent voice acting, for one of the most talented voice actors in the business and near-unequalled in villain roles Captain Hook contains some of the best work Tim Curry has ever done.

    Yet another great episode with another inventive, and one of the show's most unique (doesn't get much more different than an Egyptian alternate/parallel universe... or at least that was my take on it), idea fully lived up to. Loved the alternate universe, which "A Hole in the Wall" does such a great job immersing itself in and even more so the universe's parallel version of Captain Hook (much of it being the opposite of the Neverland Hook, which fits the theme).

    The animation is not perfect, a lack of finesse and smoothness, but leans towards the pretty good-ish especially in the imaginative visuals for the travelling to the alternate universe. It is very vibrant in colour and rich in detail.

    Music is a great mix of lively, haunting and lush, the theme tune immediately sticks in one's head and never leaves it.

    Writing is as mature, intelligent and emotionally complex as one would expect with also some funny moments. The story is gripping with lots of entertainment and tension in the character interplay and the conflict is thrilling.

    Love all the characters as usual and they are all utilised wonderfully with well-rounded personalities. Kooh (Hook's parallel version) is a menacing and entertaining villain, here the villain of the piece rather than Hook.

    Voice acting is top-notch, with as ever Tim Curry being the standout in a role he was born to do.

    In summary, excellent. 9/10 Bethany Cox
  • Episode credited cast:
    Jack Angel Jack Angel - Robert Mullins
    Michael Bacall Michael Bacall - Short Twin (voice)
    Tim Curry Tim Curry - Captain James T. Hook / King Kooh
    Ed Gilbert Ed Gilbert - Mr. Smee
    Christina Lange Christina Lange - Wendy Darling
    Aaron Lohr Aaron Lohr - Tall Twin
    Jack Lynch Jack Lynch - John Darling
    Jason Marsden Jason Marsden - Peter Pan
    David Shaughnessy David Shaughnessy - Gentleman Starkey
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