» » Caillou Caillou Joins the Circus (1997–2010)

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Caillou wakes up one morning and starts getting ready to go to the circus, until Daddy comes in and announces that the circus is actually tomorrow. Caillou begins to cry and tries to forget the bad news by playing with a toy car, but it doesn't work. When he goes downstairs, Daddy suggests a circus parade around the house. They have fun, but Mommy wakes up from all the noise and marches back to bed.

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Episode credited cast:
Pat Fry Pat Fry - Dad (voice)
Bryn McAuley Bryn McAuley - Caillou (voice)
Jennifer Seguin Jennifer Seguin - Mom (voice)
Merlee Shapiro Merlee Shapiro - Storyteller (voice)
Evan Smirnow Evan Smirnow - Cailette Singer (voice)
Brigid Tierney Brigid Tierney - Rosie (voice)
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