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The Women of Adonai Project highlights raw, candid, and inspiring stories of women of diverse backgrounds whose lives have truly been impacted, changed, and transformed by Christ. He is "Adonai".Women of Adonai Project is inspired by Women of Adonai the stage play which premiered in Harlem NYC August 2016 and remounted again in 2017. The sold out stage play centers itself around the lives of 4 unique women - Winnie, Mary, Lila, and Esther and their struggle to find the presence of God in the midst of various circumstances. These characters are an inspired contemporary exploration of known biblical heroines.The concept of the Women of Adonai Project comes from the scripture which says "This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations..." - Matt 24:14The the ongoing project has garnered over 20,000+ views on Facebook and YouTube. Women of Adonai Project has an international audience based largely in Nigeria, Benin, Uganda, and South ...

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