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Five police members - a SOG member, a TEDAX member, an public guard, a trooper and a thief in disguise - are assembled together as a secret team by the government to accomplish the most difficult missions.

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    • Author: Morlurne
    Being created by Cristobal Garrido , Adolfo Valor with a sympathetic cast as Cristina Castaño, Canco Rodriguez , Maria Botto , Joaquin Reyes and Antonio Garrido. Five police members - a SOG member, a TEDAX member, an public guard, a trooper and a thief in disguise - are assembled together as a secret team . They are : Cristina Castaño as Elena Rodríguez Neira , Canco Rodríguez as Salva Baeza , Adriana Torrebejano as Berta Capdevila , Octavi Pujades as Ximo Moltó as Álvaro Fontalba as Josemari Zabaleta . Under direct orders of Efe (Antonio Garrido) and Montse Gil (Ana Morgade). They are a bungling bunch who gather together and strongly trained to accomplish the most risked missions . Shortly after its formation, the new 'Cuerpo de élite' team has to accomplish their first mission: rescue the King's nephew, who has been kidnapped. In the second assignment the team has to take down the Montaner, the most important family of Catalan middle class, which has been avoiding justice for years and third the squadron accidentally uncovers the gold cards plot upon stealing the wrong person, the team has to solve the case, unaware that Minister Ocaña is implicated in it . And the fourth in which a countess has been blackmailing the government into giving subsidies to her museum or else she'll movie it out of the country. Because of this, she becomes the team's next target. Other episodes deal with a bus ride, but it's in reality a trap made to discredit him by riding the bus through emblematic corruption locations. To make things worse, someone has put a bomb in there with the intention of killing them both.

    Amusing , funny and very cheerful series filled with action-packed , thrills , hilarious set-pieces, tongue in cheek and lots of humor .The premise is simple and plain , as a misfit , botcher team from various Spanish places are called , reunited and trained to undertake hard and secret missions . As they intervine when the Minister of the Treasury becomes a victim of attempted murder after canceling the football league, and Ximo, Berta and Josemari have to sneak in as masseurs of the Spanish selection to find the culprit or when the team has to track down a cyber activist who threatens to release confidential information or when a textile magnate has made a big donation to the team's base; however, it is actually a cover-up to kidnap it. Episode 9 concerns Ximo becomes the first victim of a very dangerous virus and is locked up by Efe to protect his teammates. The team has to catch the author of it, who demands to have social security attendance after three years of waiting. Episode 10 deals with general elections, two million votes disappear and it's suspected that one of the parties competing has stolen them to manipulate the results in their favor. The team has to retrieve the missing votes. Episode 11 deals with Julian becomes vice-president in the elections, the new Interior Minister, Teodoro Ibáñez, plans to dissolve the team until a declaration he made during an argument with Carreño worsens Spain's already bad relationship with Venezuela .

    This hilarious series delivers a good work , his knack of getting the most out of characters and situations without ever going over the top makes for some very big laughs . This production pays tribute to several films , taking parts here and there , such as Mission Impossible , Men In Black , James Bond films , including multitude of gadgets , and , of course, "Academy Police" movies . The jokes come as thick and fast , hit and miss as usual and it is done in good spirit if not always in good taste . Nice series with accent on sight gags , and humour that stems from the diverting roles established in other movies . The agreeable cast formed by the motley band of misfits gives fun interpretation creating confusion , laughs and mayhem . Support cast is acceptable with a lot of guest stars and brief appearances and comical cameos .

    Its origin is the box-office film : Cuerpo de Élite (2016) or Heroes Wanted Cuerpo de élite (original title) . It was professionally directed with enough budget , estimated 4.5000.000 Euros and had success at the Spanish Boxoffice and financed by Atres Media Cine , Kowalski Films and distributor by Netflix .It concerns about a motley group of different Spanish Autonomies are assembled to carry out difficult missions . They are Maria Leon , Miki Esparbe , Juan Carlos Aduviri and Andoni Agirre . All of them atre trained by by a tough sergeant , Vicente Romero. They have to find a hidden bomb fell in 1966 Palomares , Almeria . But this bomb has been robbed by a former cop , Silvia Abril, and things go awry . As the misfit group has to retreive it .
  • Series cast summary:
    Cristina Castaño Cristina Castaño - Elena Rodríguez Neira 13 episodes, 2018
    Canco Rodríguez Canco Rodríguez - Salva Baeza 13 episodes, 2018
    Adriana Torrebejano Adriana Torrebejano - Berta Capdevila 13 episodes, 2018
    Octavi Pujades Octavi Pujades - Ximo Moltó 13 episodes, 2018
    Álvaro Fontalba Álvaro Fontalba - Josemari Zabaleta 13 episodes, 2018
    María Botto María Botto - Andrea Zimmerman 13 episodes, 2018
    Joaquín Reyes Joaquín Reyes - Julián Ocaña 13 episodes, 2018
    Ismael Martínez Ismael Martínez - Iñaki Zabaleta 13 episodes, 2018
    Antonio Garrido Antonio Garrido - Efe 13 episodes, 2018
    Ana Morgade Ana Morgade - Montse Gil 13 episodes, 2018
    El Langui El Langui - Ramón Carreño 13 episodes, 2018
    Alberto Lozano Alberto Lozano - Nacho Zamora 13 episodes, 2018
    Álvaro Manso Álvaro Manso - Periodista 13 episodes, 2018
    Paula Pielfort Paula Pielfort - Periodista 13 episodes, 2018
    Manuel Real Manuel Real - Periodista 13 episodes, 2018
    Lucas Blas Lucas Blas - Martín Zamora 12 episodes, 2018
    Bea Bracero Bea Bracero - Mochales 8 episodes, 2018
    Candela Solé Candela Solé - Nayra 8 episodes, 2018
    Raquel Villarejo Hervás Raquel Villarejo Hervás 6 episodes, 2018
    Félix Delgado Félix Delgado 6 episodes, 2018
    Iago Clemente Iago Clemente 6 episodes, 2018
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