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A six-part documentary that chronicles the rise and fall of one of the most iconic Hip-Hop recording labels ("Death Row Records") in the 1990s and during the Golden Age of Hip-Hop. Founded by Marion 'Suge' Knight, Death Row Records gave rise to the 'Gangsta Rap' genre, along with elevating the careers of Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur, and Dr. Dre (the top producer in Hip-Hop and credited with the production of multiple iconic albums). The documentary premiered February 20,2018 on the Black Entertainment Television network.

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    • Author: Doomwarden
    I NEVER write reviews but I had to make an exception on this occasion as this was just such a great watch. Fascinating story and every episode was highly entertaining. Although I knew most of the information there was certainly a few gems in there and put together very well. I would recommend this to any hip hop fan and even those that are not I would still recommend. Great viewing!
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    • Author: Siralune
    Very interesting documentary showing a pure example of the American dream going from dirt poor to riches and all that goes with it, tells the story from the very beginning of death row and suge knight, the artists, rise to fame, the drama.

    A lot of original old footage from 20 and 10 years ago, as well as recent interviews with many of the people involved.

    Great watch, strongly recommended
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    • Author: Lamranilv
    I don't understand how you could turn the Death Row record story into six boring episodes. This viewing experience was similar to sitting through a high school students book report. If you are interested in Death Row, I recommend you check out Wikipedia instead of wasting your time with this mini-series. I was really hoping the series would give us some new information. or a fresh twist. Instead we get a series of old segments that are poorly cropped and strung together with some annoying "shaky" transitions. Six stars may be generous for this one.
  • Series cast summary:
    Jody David Armour Jody David Armour - Himself 6 episodes, 2018
    Catrice Brumfield Catrice Brumfield - Herself 6 episodes, 2018
    Funkmaster Flex Funkmaster Flex - Himself 6 episodes, 2018
    Duke Givens Duke Givens - Himself 6 episodes, 2018
    Alvin Gray Alvin Gray - Suge Knight 6 episodes, 2018
    Carter Harris Carter Harris - Himself 6 episodes, 2018
    Leonard Jefferson Leonard Jefferson - Himself 6 episodes, 2018
    Rob Marriott Rob Marriott - Himself 6 episodes, 2018
    Mob James McDonald Mob James McDonald - Himself 6 episodes, 2018
    Kevin Powell Kevin Powell - Himself 6 episodes, 2018
    Chris The Glove Taylor Chris The Glove Taylor - Himself 6 episodes, 2018
    Colin Wolfe Colin Wolfe - Himself 6 episodes, 2018
    Sharitha Golden Sharitha Golden - Herself 5 episodes, 2018
    Robert Earl Alexander Robert Earl Alexander - Himself 4 episodes, 2018
    Danny Boy Danny Boy - Himself 4 episodes, 2018
    Ronald Riskie Forever Brent Ronald Riskie Forever Brent - Himself 4 episodes, 2018
    DJ Quik DJ Quik - Himself 4 episodes, 2018
    Quincy Jones Quincy Jones - Himself 4 episodes, 2018
    Greg Kading Greg Kading - Himself 4 episodes, 2018
    Kurupt Kurupt - Himself 4 episodes, 2018
    William Lesane William Lesane - Himself 4 episodes, 2018
    Michel'le Michel'le - Herself 4 episodes, 2018
    Virgil Roberts Virgil Roberts - Himself 4 episodes, 2018
    Leila Steinberg Leila Steinberg - Herself 4 episodes, 2018
    Ben Westhoff Ben Westhoff - Himself 4 episodes, 2018
    Alonzo Williams Alonzo Williams - Himself 4 episodes, 2018
    P. Frank Williams P. Frank Williams - Himself 4 episodes, 2018
    Jeff Acoff Jeff Acoff - Tupac 3 episodes, 2018
    Tim Brennan Tim Brennan - Himself 3 episodes, 2018
    Cathy Scott Cathy Scott - Herself 3 episodes, 2018
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